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You can trust Dave at Dave’s Auto and how being honest brings back customers

Dave at Dave's Auto

Yesterday I called Triple A. My van had two flat tires on the passenger side. Not just low, but completely flat. The hub-caps were resting on the top coating on the driveway.

“Where do you want your car towed,” the dispatcher asked.

“To Dave’s Auto on West Philadelphia in Boyertown, Pennsylvania.”

I trust Dave, who owns Dave’s Auto. Last year I called several car repair places trying to find someone who was honest. He had three great  reviews on Google . My car was squeaking and I needed to get the van inspected to get my yearly State Emissions Sticker for the state of Pennsylvania.

My brake pads were completely bare. The squeaking was from metal on metal.

Bad brake pads

He repaired the brake pads and pointed out a few other things that needed to be fixed, but could wait. He could have said they had to be fixed now. He could have made a few extra dollars then, knowing I had to pass the inspection.

Dave is honest. He has a few loner cars. He trusts his customers. I trust him.

Because I trust him, I didn’t hesitate to have my car with two flat tires towed to his shop. I know he won’t try to sell me two new tires if I don’t need them.

Dave’s Auto, 925 W. Philadelphia, Boyertown, Pennsylvania, 19512, 610-367-1844

The moral of the story: The best advertisement is a happy customer. And, if your car squeaks? Take it in to the shop.

Dave's Auto, Boyertown, Pennsylvania

Are you loyal to the businesses you trust?

I am.

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