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Why you should vote for Betsy Hodges for Mayor of Minneapolis

Betsy Hodges for Mayor

Did you notice my last name is Hodges? Are you wondering if I am related to Betsy Hodges, the woman who is running for Mayor of Minneapolis?

I am related to her. Betsy is my husband’s sister. She is my sister-in-law and my friend.

In 1975 I ran for office. I wanted to be President of my high school, Mount Royal Collegiate, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. My friends wore campaign buttons. My friends believed in me and they vouched for me. My friends helped me get elected.

Fernuik for President

Betsy lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I live in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania. I can not walk door to door in the city of Minneapolis and hand out flyers and talk to you personally.

However, I can talk to you through my writing.

I don’t like politicians. I don’t trust people who are elected into office. Except for Betsy. I trust Betsy Hodges.

An honest politician is regarded as a sort of marvel, like a calf with five legs, and the news that one has appeared is commonly received with derision.
       H.L. Mencken (Henry Louis Mencken; 1880-1956)   In his book The American Language (1919)

Why do I trust Betsy?

I trust Betsy because she has shown herself to be worthy of thrust. In the 22 years I have known Betsy, she has always followed through on what she said she would do.

If Betsy says she will do something, she will.  If Betsy makes promises to you about what she will do once she is elected she will keep her promises.

Betsy for Mayor of Minneapolis

Vote for Betsy Hodges. You can trust her.

 Betsy did not solicit my endorsement or offer to take me out for coffee the next time I am in Minnesota.


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  • renee

    I will share this with all my Minn., MN friends! Go Betsy!! and I love your picture from high school . . .

    • Thank you Renee. Do you have any pictures of you from high school?

  • No doubt, your SIL has been successful in her previous positions. It’s nice to be able to support someone you know has the kind of integrity she possesses. It’s kind of like the service station you wrote about where you can refer everyone to. Let us know if she wins. BTW..I can’t believe you still have your little badge from high school!

    • Yes, Betsy has been successful in her previous positions. Her rating is the highest in her position as Aunt Betsy to my three children. I will let you know when she wins. It’s funny, but I don’t think, “If she wins.” She is really like a calf with five legs.

      Yes, I saved my campaign badge from high school. Did you see my glasses? Why would I want a memory of those? Is there something you have saved from when you were in high school Shelley?

      • I used to save loads of stuff, everything from my first research paper in 3rd grade to my valentines, etc. With all of our military moves, I was forced to get rid of a lot. 🙁