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Would you let a soggy piece of bacon ruin your day?

Would you let a soggy piece of bacon ruin your day?

She was eating breakfast with her husband at the table next to me, at the small restaurant near my house.  They didn’t speak during the meal. She didn’t ask him to pass the salt, or ask him how his day was. The only sound I heard from them was their knives scraping against their plates.

I was drinking coffee and writing a story in my notebook.

Then the waitress brought them their bill. She had a coffee pot in one hand and their bill in the other hand.

“How was your breakfast?”

“The bacon was soggy.”

‘”I’m sorry. Here let me take it off of your bill. If you had told me when I delivered it, we could have gotten you bacon that was cooked more.”

The customer didn’t smile. Her face was bland, like soup with no salt. She said, “Bacon should be crispy.”

“I will change the bill for you.”

The waitress took the bill back to the counter and subtracted the price of the bacon. She handed the bill back to the couple. The woman who left the bacon on her plate did not smile. Her mouth looked pinched, as though she was trying to hold in her resentment towards the soggy bacon.

The husband paid and then he walked out. She followed him out of the restaurant. They did not say anything to the waitress when she said, “Please come again.”

I looked at their table. They didn’t leave a tip.

Forgiveness is the key that unlocks the door of resentment and the handcuffs of hatred. It is a power that breaks the chains of bitterness and the shackles of selfishness.
― Corrie ten Boom, Clippings from My Notebook

She held onto her resentment and didn’t forgive the chef for not cooking the bacon the way she liked it.

She let a soggy piece of bacon ruin her day.

  1. She expected the chef to know how she liked her bacon cooked.
  2. She assumed that there was only one way to cook bacon.
  3. She thought her way was right.
  4. She did not correct the situation when her soggy bacon was delivered.
  5. She was  probably mad her whole meal. She may still be mad.
  6. She didn’t forgive.
  7. She may never forgive.
  8. Every time she drives by the restaurant for the rest of her life she will remember the soggy bacon and frown.

Would you let a soggy piece of bacon ruin your day?

P.S. I went back to the restaurant a few days ago and ordered poached eggs on toast, rye bread, hash browns and bacon. I asked to have my bacon cooked crispy. It was delicious.

Crispy bacon and a good day

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  • Ken

    I’m enjoying crispy bacon right now

  • margaret simon

    My guess is she was already unhappy when she ordered the bacon, so she got what she gave. Kind of like Karma. Expect crispy bacon, get crispy bacon. I hope you left an extra tip. Pay it forward.

    • Hello Margaret.
      I did leave an extra tip. Just a little extra. All is had was a cup of coffee. I needed photographs for a story I was writing. I hope all your bacon is crispy today. 🙂

  • Lucie

    Well, I’m guessing there was something else going on in her life…at least, I hope that was it.

    • Lucie, I think you are right. Usually it is not the soggy bacon that upsets us but a deeper need to be heard. I pray she is doing well, getting crisp bacon and having a friend to listen to her.

  • Shannon Cochran

    If I respond from the flesh–the natural part of me–I could complain about anything. Even bacon.

    But as a maturing Christ-follower-in the strength of the Holy Spirit that lives within me–I would praise God for soggy bacon, “Thank You, God, I have food to eat!”

    Always good to read and think about what you write, Pamela. And your breakfast at the diner (with requested, crispy bacon) sounds delish! 🙂

    • Good perspective Shannon. I could and often do complain about everything. Today I will be thankful. Even for my broken dishwasher.

  • Winnie Moyer

    Bacon can be cooked many ways!! And a tip is left for the waitress, not the chef? Did you go to the sun flower cafe, I loved it there 🙂 I wouldn’t let bacon ruin my day. I make bacon here a lot, I like mine crispy, but I make some crispy for me and others soggy for those who like it that way too 🙂

    • Winnie, it was The Sun Flower cafe. They are right by my house.
      I am happy to hear you would not let soggy bacon ruin your day. Would under cooked crunchy rice ruin your day?

      • Winnie Moyer

        no…sometimes they cook the rice really soggy, I don’t enjoy it much, but I eat it, and usually I laugh to myself because it’s better to laugh than complain 🙂 When I am home we should try and meet at the sunflower cafe, I like it there 🙂 Sometimes I would go with a friend and listen to other people’s conversations 🙂

  • There are some people who set their days up for disappointments and then blame others for their own lack of responsibility. I’m surprised she didn’t blame the waitress for not asking whether she wanted her bacon crispy or floppy.

    • She probably did blame the waitress Shelley. She chose to have a bad day. I wonder how she cooks her bacon at home?