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Life is messy, dogs vomit, dishes get dirty and there is always laundry

Life is messy

Today I have to clean the carpet upstairs. I tried to clean the vomit stains from the dog but you can still see a trace of green. The stain from the spilled root beer is still there by my bedroom door, and the cat vomit stains haven’t come out either. There is mud from shoes by the front door, the sink is full of dishes, again, and there are eight or nine loads of laundry by the laundry room door.

I hate cleaning.

Dishes in the sink frustrate me, a basket full of laundry makes me sad, and cleaning the seven litter boxes gets tiring.

What is my problem?

I know. At least I think I know. I forgot that life is messy. I forgot that the things we love make messes. To cook something in the kitchen means there will be pots to wash. To have a cat to cuddle means their will be litter boxes and vomited  hair balls to clean.  Having clothes to wear means they will get dirty. I will have to do laundry.

My expectations of life are not accurate.

I forgot about the mess. I forgot:

Life is messy.

Today I will be grateful for the people who track in  mud on their shoes. I will be thankful for Martha our dog, and for our four cats, Pooh, Charlie, Nepeta and JR. I will be thankful for the dishes I have to eat on and for the food I eat. I will be thankful for the clothes I wear and the washing machine I have to wash the clothes in.

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.
― William Arthur Ward

I will change my attitude into one of gratitude. I want to be joyful as I do my routine jobs. Life is messy and that’s okay.


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  • Sue Sutherlin

    AMEN! So true . . . ! If you have a ‘portable’ internet-ready device, take music with you wherever you go, via Pandora or a similar site. I listened to Celtic music for hours while visiting friends and helping to get ready for their daughter’s wedding. What a difference music makes (somehow helps me to be able to focus on the necessary work and keep me from drifting back to the computer – only long enough to give a thumbs-up to music I like, then back to work). I have often said that dirty laundry and dishes multiply like rabbits – both seem to be never-ending. But as you say, the attitude of gratitude makes a huge difference, too. Thanks again for the words of encouragement.

  • Winnie

    I only enjoy washing dishes…and today I have an un-made bed, a basket full of dirty laundry, and a dirt covered floor waiting to be mopped and swept, I might clean today or I might wait for another day, but as I clean, I sing, I think singing makes the messy clean up more enjoyable….I love reading your posts, they make me smile 🙂

    • Hello Winnie. Tonight as I wash the supper dishes I will sing too. Thank you for the idea. Did you get your floor mopped and swept? I like hearing from you. Thank you for reading.

      • Winnie

        Yes I swept and mopped my floor and I cleaned the hallway and steps and the bathroom…today I should tackle my laundry, I sort of miss having a dryer. I love reading and hearing from you 🙂

  • Great points! Thank you Pamela! 🙂

  • I have to do a lot of cleaning too, so you have company. In between tasks I will reward myself with writing time. I will also try to remember to clean with love and joy and a prayer in my heart.

    • I will reward myself with writing time as well. Here’s to a day filled with love and joy.