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An empty milk jug on the kitchen counter ruined my day

An empty milk carton just ruined my day

There was an empty milk jug on the kitchen counter this morning. Someone drank the last of the milk last night and left the empty gallon container on the counter.

My day is ruined.

How can they be so insensitive? Why didn’t they place the empty milk jug in the recycling bin?

I am instantly angry.

Whoever is patient has great understanding, but one who is quick-tempered displays folly.

Proverbs 14:29

I am a fool.

It is, after all, just an empty milk jug. I will be patient.

I will take fingerprints of all the family members to see who left the milk jug on the counter. Then I will pull prints off of the milk jug. Whoever is responsible for leaving the empty milk container will have to throw it away.

Or, I can just toss the empty milk jug in the recycling bin, keep smiling, and not be a fool.

Don't let an empty milk jug ruin your day

I won’t let an empty milk container ruin my day. Nope, not me. Not today.

Would you let an empty milk jug on your kitchen counter ruin your day?

Please let me know in the comments. I would love to talk about the milk jug and all the little things in life we let ruin our days.

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  • Christa Sterken

    I can SO relate

  • I’ve learned that it’s not anything in particular that sets me off. I get up that way, sometimes. Then, I have an empty milk bottle moment. Once I recognize that it’s me and not hubby, I have to apologize to the Lord and to hubby.

    • Yes, an apology is always a good idea if the anger has become words. I am often alone in my anger. Today I prayed for wisdom to not be a fool.

  • Winnie

    Don’t let it ruin your day 🙂 I leave one drop in my milk cartons and put it back in the fridge 🙂

    • You are so kind Winnie to leave some milk in the bottom for the next person. I didn’t let it ruin my day. I cut flowers and put them on the window ledge. Choosing to be happy.