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Important advice if you are a typist for a cat

I am the typist for my cat.

This may not apply to you. Then again it might. Do you have a cat who lets you live with them? Does the cat like to lay right beside your computer as you are writing? Does the cat have hair?

Cats shed. And some of the hair may get stuck in the fan in your computer. Yes, it might.

I have a cat. No, actually, I don’t. My cat allows me to live with him. I work for my cat. My cat, Pooh Hodges, is a writer. Unfortunately he doesn’t have thumbs. I am his typist. He dictates and I type. He has his own blog, www.thecatwhowrites.com

The last few days my computer has been very loud. Today it was running hot. Very hot. So hot it shut down. Yes, the computer shut down. “Phttttttt,” and then complete silence, a black screen.

I brought my Dell Inspiron to Best Buy tonight, the store where I purchased it, a year and a half ago, with a Super Duper, Best Buy, Geek Squad Warranty.

They wanted to keep my computer for four days at the Geek Squad Computer Hospital. I said, could you just pop off the back of the computer and check my fan? I am a typist for a cat. The cat likes to sit by my fan.

She came back in about ten minutes with a wad of cat hair that had been stuck in the fan.

“Look what we found,” she said, “I think your computer problem is fixed.”

Cat Fuzz in Computer

Yes, Pooh Hodges, the cat who writes,  had shed into the fan on my computer, and completely stopped it from turning.

Important Advice if you are a typist for a cat

  1. Do not let the cat sit by the fan on your computer.
  2. If you computer starts to get really loud something is wrong.
  3. If  your computer gets really, really, hot you may have cat hair in the fan.
  4. Do not open the bottom of your computer and try to fix it yourself if you have a warranty. It voids the warranty.
  5. Ask your cat to sit on your lap when they dictate their stories not beside the fan.

Do you do have a cat to run your life?

I love my cat. Even if he sheds.


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My name is Pamela Hodges. I am a writer and an artist. I write to encourage and to bring laughter. I paint cats, draw cartoons and write books for children and grown ups.

You are an artist. Yes, you are. Really.

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  • La McCoy

    Oh the life we lead. The problems we face.

    • Yes, life is full of problems.
      But there is always a sunbeam.
      You just have to notice it and then lay in it.
      Love always,

  • kathunsworth

    I can see he is trying to sabotage your work, he might want centre stage Pam.

    • My dearest Kath,
      It is hard to be a cat when you shed. I don’t have thumbs to hold the brush to brush myself. All I can do is lick myself and then barf up hairballs. Oh, it is so hard to be a cat.
      But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. My typist spend hours yesterday scrubbing hard water stains out of the toilet bowls with a pumice stone. Using a litter box is so much easierl.
      All the best,
      love Pooh.

  • Oh my Pooh. Now you’ve gone and done it. I’m so glad your master knew enough to not pop the hood on her computer.

    Glad that what needed to be done was done Pamela without you having to lose your computer. That separation anxiety is awful.

    • Hello My Dearest Anne,
      It was cat hair. But there are two gray cats in the house. Hmm, was it really me?

      love Pooh

      • I do believe your cat has taken your ability to make people laugh. Pooh could have been a lawyer. 🙂

        • Thank you Mrs. Peterson.
          Perhaps I still can be a lawyer.
          I must need to find a more reliable typist.
          All the best,
          Love Pooh

    • Thank you Anne, I was so thankful they took the back off while I waited. I would be so sad without my computer.