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Red Lights and “The In-Between”

My life feels like a car driving on a road with a full tank of gas and only green lights ahead. There is no time to slow down, no time to rest and catch my breath. I am constantly racing ahead to the next event. I don’t like the times in between. I don’t like […]

Tell me what life is like and be in my book

    Please tell me what you think life is like and be in my book.  A few days ago I wrote Life is not just like a bowl of cherries. Life is a sink full of dirty dishes.  Today I say, “Life is a pickle.” Sweet and sour. Life is not all good and […]

What do Marcus Aurelius, Henry Ford and Jesus have in common?

On the top of the chalk board in my kitchen is a quote by Marcus Aurelius. Our life is what our thoughts make it. Marcus Aurelius My brain is in my skull, which is in my head, that sits on top of my neck. My brain controls my fingers that are typing, and it controls […]

Does your faith feel like a pot of cold water?

  I boiled a pot of water. After it had boiled I went outside to clean my garbage can. According to an on-line article I read, boiling water and bleach is the only thing that kills maggots. Stepping on them works pretty good too. Apparently chicken that has expired needs to be put in a […]

Your life doesn’t have to look like a boat covered in barnacles

  Patrica Storbec and her husband  live on a boat, Mojito. She writes a couple of times a week about her adventures at Mojito and Me. A few days ago she hired two divers to scrub the bottom of her boat. It was covered in grass and barnacles. After the boat was scrubbed Patricia said, […]

Finding beauty in a bottle of spilled salad dressing

I knocked over the salad dressing when I placed the lettuce on the kitchen counter. The counter was covered with oil and vinegar. It was very messy. My first response was to be annoyed. “Oh, crap, now look what I’ve done. What a mess.”  Then I noticed  patterns in the oil. And they were beautiful. […]

Life is not just like a bowl of cherries. Life is a sink full of dirty dishes.

I have a bowl of cherries on the kitchen counter. As I put them in the bowl, the expression, “Life is just like a bowl of cherries,” came to my mind. Who thought of that? How can that be? Rudy Vallee sang “Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries” in 1931 Maybe Mr. Vallee had […]

Live each day like your favorite cookie recipe

On page 593 of The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook, is a recipe for Big and Chew Chocolate Chip Cookies. The page in my cookbook is stained and ripped. The words are hard to read, the pages stuck together and ripped when they were pulled apart. To make the cookies you need flour, baking soda, […]

Making friends and keeping them – Happy 25th Anniversary Pam and Jerry Hogeweide

Pam and Jerry invited me to their wedding. I met them a few days before they were going to get married on an island outside of Hong Kong. They were stationed with Youth With a Mission. They were married on July 23rd, 1988. I was living in Tokyo, Japan working as a commercial photographer, and […]

Don’t look at Resistance, look at your dream

  Resistance has no power of its own. It’s a shadow, nothing more. As soon as we learn to look past the shadow to the Dream that has cast it, the shadow loses all power over us. Steven Pressfield – I have printed this quote out and taped it to the wall beside my desk. […]