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Today is my husband’s birthday and I was nice to him

Breakfast for Nick

Today is my husband’s birthday. I was nice to him this morning. I made his breakfast. I can’t remember the last time I made breakfast for him. He gets breakfast in bed on Father’s Day. But the kids help with that. Maybe I made him breakfast the first year we were married, in 1990.

If he wants to eat before he leaves for work he can get up earlier and cook his eggs himself. He is a mature adult, why would I cook his breakfast? Β The same thing with lunches. He is a grown adult, he can make his own lunches.

I make dinner.

He worked late last night and didn’t get home until after midnight. I stayed up and waited for him. I didn’t want him to come home to a quiet house with no one to greet him.

Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.
― Henry James

This morning I wanted to be kind. Instead of writing I made his breakfast.

This morning he came down and said, “I forgot it was my birthday. Thank you for making me breakfast.”

Everything he liked was on the table. Salt, pepper, water with ice and lemon, undercooked scrambled eggs with bacon and a few slices of an orange.

I made his lunch. A freshly grilled chicken breast, with left-over Caesar Salad, an apple,a small bag of peanuts and a Monster drink.

I made my husband's lunch.

My husband can make his own breakfast and he can make his own lunch. I can make them too. I can be kind.

I had forgotten to be kind.

Kindness starts as a thought but ends as an action. Acting kindly toward others is the only real way to let people know we care about them and their happiness. Without action, kindness just lives in our minds but never touches the real world.
Steven Handel

I don’t want my kindness to only live in my mind. I want to show I care.

As he was walking out the door I asked him, “Would you like me to make breakfast for you every day?”

“I don’t expect it.”

“But would you like me to?’






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  • amyyoungmiller

    This is so sweet. You’re right Pamela, in our quest to use our time wisely (as writers, artists, and ACHIEVERS) we often forget to be KIND. Thanks for the reminder. So—do you still make your hub’s breakfast every day??

    • Oh dear Amy,
      You caught me. I was kind for about a week and then I forgot. Thank you for the reminder.
      I just asked him if he wants me to make him breakfast every day, and he said, “Yes.”
      Monday at 7:45 a.m. there will three scrambled eggs on his plate.

  • Nancy Hatcher

    love the kind quotes and i especially loved the yummy breakfast…more than that I think it was so wonderful that you waited up…you have given me some very kind ideas for my husband’s birthday coming up the 28th…xo

    • Hello Nancy,
      He has had scrambled eggs for breakfast before work for three days now. Being kind every day is possible. I hope you husband has a very kind birthday. I am so curious to know what you will do. πŸ™‚

  • raayres

    What a great birthday present. I like how you are making kindness a way of life.

    • I am trying. Perhaps that is what counts. The trying, not the reaching perfection. I made him breakfast again today. Three scrambled eggs, we were out of bacon.

  • bookwoman98

    I love the quote, “Without action, kindness just lives in our minds but never touches the real world.” I love how your actions showed kindness today.

  • Bonnie Kaplan

    Kindness, that’s the magic word for so much, don’t you think? A birthday breakfast- perfect. How about a unbirthday breakfast when he least expects it.
    That’s the smile I like to get πŸ™‚

    • Hello Bonnie,
      Kindness is a magic word isn’t it? Even more special than the other magic word, “please.” Tomorrow will be a good day for an unbirthday breakfast. Now to keep doing it even if I don’t get a smile.

      • Bonnie Kaplan

        Hey Pam, I’m smiling πŸ™‚

  • My mom always got up to make my dad a full breakfast. Then, she got me ready for school, and went to work cleaning houses. I only started to cook breakfast for my husband the last year, or so. I like how it connects us. It connects me to my mother, too.

    • Your Mom sounds like a kind woman. Hard-working too. I hadn’t thought about that, how cooking for him connects us. Thank you for telling me about your Mother.

  • Christa Sterken

    you go girl! Way to inspire today. “I’d forgotten to be kind…” Love that.
    My husband grew up without many kindnesses such as lunch making. I asked once if he wanted me to make lunches (he often goes without when I don’t). Basically same response…I need to remember lunches

    • Hello Christa,
      What do you make for the man when he gets a lunch? I often do left-overs.

  • Jaana

    True follower of Jesus!

    • Yes, I follow Jesus. Sometimes I am a crabby follower of Jesus. Every day I say, “Dear Jesus, please help me be kind and not crabby.”

  • Elsie

    Choose kind and yo did. Kindness is easier when it is appreciated. Happy birthday husband of Pamela.

  • Emily Stoik

    Aww such a sweet reminder to have a servants heart…I love what a difference a simple act of kindness can make πŸ™‚

    • Hello Emily. I never thought about it as having a servant’s heart. I like that.

  • so nice to be kind πŸ™‚ I suddenly want to make my husband his favorite dinner tonight! πŸ™‚

  • Very Sweet, Pamela. Loved it.