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Does your mother still tell you what to do? My mother thinks I need to go to bed earlier.

A mother's love is never ending

My mother thinks I need to go to bed earlier. She read an article in Mclean’s magazine, Sleep crisis: The science of slumber.

“Hey Pamela. I read a good article in MacLean’s about the lack of sleep. Adults need from 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Lack of sleep changes cells in our bodies, causing sleep apnea, depression, & on & on. Children need even more sleep, like 10 or 11 hours a night.”

Your life will be so much better if you go to bed at a consistent time every night & get at least 8 hours of sleep.  Think seriously on this, I don’t want your cells rearranging themselves.
Berdeane Bodley – My beautiful, wise mother.

I read the article my mother suggested. My cells are rearranging themselves. My mother is right. I should go to bed earlier. The night before last I stayed up until 1:30 in the morning. The next day I was groggy, crabby and inefficient.

Sleepiness impairs performance.
Dr. W. Christopher Winter, medical director of the Martha Jefferson Hospital’s sleep medicine center in Charlottesville, Va
My performance was impaired by my sleepiness. The dishes I washed yesterday weren’t that clean, and I didn’t have the strength to wash all of them. It was a slow day in the Hodges household yesterday. Three dirty pots and a strainer were left in the sink last night. So sad.
There is one major problem with my mother being right; I hate being told what to do.
My mother and I haven’t lived in the same house for 34 years. I left home when I was 19. ( You can do the math, or I can just tell you. I will be 55 this fall.) I won’t tell you my mother’s age. However, she has been 34 for so many years I don’t really know how old she is.
We  don’t live in the same house, but she is still my mom. My mom still worries about me and wants the best for me. She wants me to get a good nights sleep. My mother is wise and I am a fool.
Proverbs says I am a fool.
The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice.
Proverbs 12:15
Mom, I will listen to your wise counsel and go to bed earlier tonight. I want to rise refreshed in the morning.

I look upon death to be as necessary to our constitution as sleep. We shall rise refreshed in the morning.
Benjamin Franklin

Mother’s do know best. Right Mom?


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  • Cherry Odelberg

    Oh, this resonates with me in so many ways. Yes, I need my proper sleep – and exercise, and food and, and. But, Mom always urged the sleep part (I wish she had attended to tasty nutrition over sweets). In many ways, I am like your mom – for instance, I have been 34 for a number of years, although I left home over 40 years ago when I was 18:)
    P.S. I really like that you write to bring laughter!

    • Cherry, you and my mom are the same age, 34. I am now much older than my mom, she stayed at 34, and I kept going.
      Did you get a good nights sleep last night? I did, but I would still like a nap today.

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  • Christa Sterken

    My mom is good about not giving me advice, I have to say. Although it is pretty clear which direction she thinks I should go, she tries to avoid saying things. She knows my rebellious heart still hides in there probably 🙂 I LOVE your mom’s name

    • Christa, I can’t imaging a rebellious heart hiding in you. It sounds like your mom understands you well.
      I will tell my mom you love her name. She will be happy.

  • Does my mother still tell me what to do? My mother still thinks I’m 12.

    • Oh dear Kathleen, you haven’t been 12 for several years. I can imagine that would be frustrating to be parented as though you weren’t even a teenager yet.

  • Great post, Pamela. Hope you do get enough rest because you have so much to offer your readers. We need you sharp-witted. And when you’re rested you are funny. Loved it.

    • Thank you Anne for your encouragement. I did go to bed earlier last night. I feel very rested.
      How are you Anne? Did you get a good nights sleep?

  • Nicki Sanders

    Love the title. I laughed aloud as I was reading the post. I tell my daughter all the time that “mothers know best” but she (like her mother) also hates to be told what to do. I should listen to your Moms great advice as well — can’t remember the last time I had a solid 8 hours of sleep. Rest well.

    • Hello Nicki,

      Did you get a solid 8 hours last night? I had 7 hours of sleep. Asleep by 10, awake at 5.
      I am glad you found laughter in my story. And your daughter has a wise mother, now if she would only listen. 🙂

  • Lucie

    That’s one piece of advice my mom still gives me at almost 53.

    • Lucie, do you listen to your Mom? Did you go to bed earlier last night? Mother’s never stop loving us do they?

  • Robn Patrick

    I lost my mother in May so it sounds great to hear mother’s advice. You can just keep sharing your mama’s wisdom for those of us who don’t get to hear it from our own mothers. I’m a night owl too! Unfortunately, I can’t sleep for more than about five hours a night so I just might be in trouble.

    • Robin, I am so sad your mother died. I will keep sharing my mother’s wisdom. She has told me many things that are wise. Now if only I would listen to her.
      Last night I went to bed earlier, but I still wake up at 5:00 every morning. The only way to get the sleep I need is on the back end.
      I hope you feel rested today Robin.

  • Tracie Bauguess

    Moms usually try to help out their children (even if they are grown). I don’t think it ever changes.

    • Hello Traice. Yes, I don’t think it ever changes. My oldest is 18 and I have to hold my tongue to not give unsolicited advice.

  • Georgia Lee London

    Mama does know best! And, they can be a challenge! Love the joy and laughter you bring to your blog! Interesting idea to use quotations mixed in and in support with your statements. I need more sleep, too! Can’t wait to read more!

    • Hello Georgina. Did you go to bed early last night? I did.
      Thank you for reading and letting me know you enjoyed my writing. It is funny how a word of encouragement makes a difference.