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Do you treat yourself like a rusty shovel?

Do you treat yourself like a rusty shovel?

This morning I cleaned out my garage.Well, really, I just moved most of the things in it to the basement.

When I was cleaning, I noticed my shovel. I remember when I bought it in Santa Cruz, California. The shovel was going to build a garden. I bought the best shovel they sold. It has a wide foot bed, and a wooden handle.

The shovel was put in the bottom of a moving van. It traveled from California to Pennsylvania.

The shovel is rusted. The wooden handle is rough and the paint has peeled off. After I used the shovel to dig a garden in Gilbertsville, I didn’t put the shovel away. The dirt was still on the shovel this morning.

The shovel sat out in the rain for weeks. Neglected.

The shovel when I bought it was valued. I made sure I cleaned the dirt off of it and put it away.

The shovel is me.

I don’t take care of myself. I am rusted and my paint is peeling off. I don’t value myself.

It has been days since I remembered to put on face lotion, my legs are hairy and need to be shaved. My children have been to the dentist and had their teeth cleaned. I haven’t made my appointment yet.

This morning I cleaned the dirt off of the shovel. Tomorrow I will sand down the wooden handle and oil it.

I looked on-line for a quote to that will help me tell you:

Be nice to yourself. You are worth more than a shovel.

It is easier for me to say, “You are worthy,” than it is for me to believe it for myself. I know God made me. He made me with brown hair and hairy legs. I am 5 feet and 6 and 3/4 inches tall. God doesn’t make mistakes.

Why do I believe I am not worthy?  Why do you believe you are not worthy?

Though we are incomplete, God loves us completely. Though we are imperfect, He loves us perfectly. Though we may feel lost and without compass, God’s love encompasses us completely. … He loves every one of us, even those who are flawed, rejected, awkward, sorrowful, or broken.
― Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Please take care of yourself. Don’t stand in the rain.

Do you need to make an appointment to get your teeth cleaned? I am going to call my dentist first thing tomorrow  morning, and I am about to go and wash my face and shave my legs.

How about you?

Do you treat yourself like a rusty shovel?




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  • Pamela, I went to a spa this morning for a relaxing facial, massage, body wrap, the whole nine yards. I don’t do this often, but then I put my foot down and said, no more. Mojito can’t get all the TLC, I want some too. I feel wonderful, revitalized… One question, why don’t you guys shave your legs everyday? I do, and I can’t fall asleep otherwise. I hate scratchy legs, it’s gross.

    • Patricia, your spa visit sounds so nice.
      And why don’t I shave my legs every day? I am lazy. And mostly I am horrible at self-care. I am really a rusty shovel.
      Mind you I do brush and floss my teeth every day.
      How do you shave your legs on a boat?
      If you can get it done every day on a boat, I should be able to do it in a bathtub.
      Perhaps I just have to many litter boxes to clean?

      • You are funny you know that…my boat has a bathroom (or ‘head’ in boating jargon), the same as yours and if the she rolls and pitches, you just hang on and get the job done…sailors have amazing balance and inner core strength because subconsciously you body is balancing 24/7. Or you sit down..that helps too.
        What I like best is taking a shower on the aft deck. A view to die for…what ever it may be. Cool night air on bare skin…and I shave my legs every day..a bikini and gorilla legs..that does not do it for me..

        • Patricia,
          Cool night air and a breeze sounds so nice. I have been thinking about you on your boat the past few days. You don’t have to mow the lawn or weed flower beds. Do you even own a shovel?
          I think of my legs as a brown bear not a gorilla. This morning they got sheared. No bikini’s, but I am working towards that goal.
          I hope you have a happy day. (It is hard to walk on land after being on the boat?)

          • The ocean is my swimming pool, the beach my garden and no, I don’y own a shovel but I do own a shammy. Going down on my hands and knees to clean, that’s me. A boat needs constant cleaning and maintenance.
            Every morning, if it dewed the night before, she is hand dried, it takes nearly 2 hours. Water and salt is corrosive. And yes, its hard to walk on land the first few days, if you close your eyes the ground moves. And after being away from the boat for a few weeks, I feel nauseous for the first few days, back on the boat too. Time of lazing about is few and far in-between.
            I wrote a guest post for Kath about Life on the High Seas.
            I should write another…about the ins and outs of boat work. I’ve never worked so hard in my life. Also never played so hard.
            I miss my cats.

          • Please write about your life. I would love to read what your life is like.
            I had no idea you had to wipe the whole boat down in the morning. Please give me the link to your guest post of Kath’s blog. Please leave it here. Someone else might like to read it.
            My cat has a blog, http://www.thecatwhowrites.com. He feels your pain.

          • Pamela, here are two links:

            Life on the High Seas; a guest post on Kath’s blog; http://wp.me/p2ZjFY-mi

            Life on the High Seas; Marriage a Survival lesson, a guest post on Steve’s blog; http://wp.me/p30nnQ-5I

            I will write more about life on a boat. There are a few already under Categories, Atlantic Crossing and Bahamas. i.e.. Mutiny on Mojito – by the men on my crew.

            Thank you for wanting to know more…

  • Janelle

    Feeling a little rusty, lately. Lazy eating, and that always makes me feel bad.

    • Janelle.
      Did you clean rust off your shovel today? I hope you ate better. Lazy eating can really make one feel bad.
      I turn into a tiger if I eat sugar, and bread makes me feel depressed.
      Sending you airmail hugs to Canada.

  • Oh, this is a wake-up call, Pamela! I feel like that rusty spade left out in the rain, now barely fit for purpose. Some days it can take more energy than I can muster to make my appearance a priority. When M.E and other health problems lay me low, drained and depleted, then self-care tends to fly out the window. Rather ironic really when doing those things makes me feel better mentally, even if I’m exhausted afterwards! Thanks for this reminder to remain grateful to God for loving me just as I am, while realising that He also desires my highest good. And taking care of our bodies is part of respecting them as a home for the Holy Spirit to dwell in. 🙂

    • Hello Joy,
      I hope today you take care of the rust on your shovel. You are worthy of self-care. God made you and He loves you very much.
      Oh dear, I still didn’t make my dentist appointment. I will do it right after lunch today.
      Sending you hugs today Joy.
      Joy is my favorite name.

  • Julie-Anne Mauno

    Wow Pamela. This is so good. I feel like you wrote this just for me. I am slowly learning to take care of myself again after having 5 babies in 8 years (and 7 children in a total of 17 years). I’m learning to like myself again. I’m learning to value myself again. Thanks for writing this 🙂

    • Julie-Anne, thank you for reading and commenting. Having babies and taking care of children is time-consuming. Sometimes the best way to take care of yourself is to simply close the door and go potty in private.
      Sending you hugs as you love your babies today.

  • I have to have reminders like this. It’s not that I don’t value myself. I don’t value myself enough. Very nice tone to this. Thanks for posting.

    • Hello Anne,
      My shovel friend. Did you get out of the rain yesterday? Isn’t it funny how we know God loves us, but we don’t value what God has made? I like your smile in your profile picture. A shovel with a smile.

  • Pat Meyers

    I’m going to make me a lovely cup of tea and take into the bathroom with me and shave my legs. Perhaps some music playing will be good. Taking care of myself. Great idea. I’m in.

    • Hello Pat,
      What music did you listen to?
      I have a date with the bathtub this morning and hopefully with the dentist soon. I look forward to the bathtub but not to the dentist.
      I will be in soon.

      • Pat Meyers

        Not a fan of the dentist myself. I chose Michael Card as the music of choice this time.

  • kathunsworth

    Pamela I think every mother has her moments being the shovel, I cannot express how much a visit to the hairdressers has made me feel good about myself, especially covering the grey hairs sprouting in numbers. On the dentist front, for a change I have four appointments booked and stretched out in two month blocks, because YES I neglected me and now I am paying the price literally. Thank you for the reminder to believe we are so worth it. As mums my mother said you need to take care of you, because then it shines through to your children and husband.

    • Julie-Anne Mauno

      Kath, your mom is so wise… I love that…when I take care of me it shines through my children and my husband! I so want to shine again!

      • kathunsworth

        Julie-Anne my mum is like you, an amazing mother of nine, you shine because you give everyday, and having babies changes us for a little while, so much to do. Like Pamela says though we need to take some time for ourselves and as mine grow I see the strings loosening and I am able to do more for just me again, as you will too.

        • Kath, I like what your mother said as well. When I don’t take care of myself my light is very dim and it is hard for me to be as kind.

  • Brad V

    Yup, that’s me, the shovel out in the garage. You nailed this message, Pamela. Now, I don’t think I’ll go shave my legs but I will take a moment for me. Thanks for this great reminder.

    • Thank you Brad. Did you take a moment for yourself? I have to call the dentist this morning to make an appointment to get my teeth cleaned.