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Your dream is like a dumped box of 1,000 puzzle pieces

Your dream is like a dumped box of puzzle pieces.

This morning I dumped  all the puzzle pieces from a puzzle box on to the coffee table. There are 1,000 pieces in the box. Well there were, now the pieces are on the table. Hopefully the cats won’t eat any pieces. It is hard to make a puzzle with four cats. The last puzzle we tried to make they laid on top of it and flicked the pieces onto the floor.

When the puzzle is finished it will measure 26.76 inches x 19.75 inches. The puzzle was printed on 10/16/2012, and was licensed by Mosiac Licensing. I don’t think puzzles are like vitamins. It won’t expire.

On the cover of the box is an illustration of what the puzzle should look like.

The picture of the puzzle, and your dream

The puzzle pieces are broken apart, upside down and backwards.

There are so many pieces. I stare at the coffee table thinking, “This is too hard. How will I be able to do this? Maybe I shouldn’t even start.”

The puzzle is your dream. And my dream. Maybe not my cats dream. (Do cats have dreams?)

You have an image in your mind of something you want to accomplish. Your dream is like the image of the farm scene on the top of the puzzle box. Your dream is in 1,000 little pieces, like my puzzle.

Your dream seems impossible. 

But if you take a deep breath and begin to look at the individual pieces you will see a few edge pieces. Take out the edge pieces and begin the puzzle on the outside. Look for similar colors and start to group them.

Find the edge pieces to your dream.

Eventually the puzzle will get made. A few pieces at a time.

Look at your dream and try to find a few edge pieces.

Do you want to run a 5K but you haven’t walked farther than the mailbox for years? If you are starting to exercise it would be a good idea to see your doctor first. Seeing your doctor is the first edge piece on your puzzle. Or maybe getting proper shoes is your first edge piece.

Do you want to write a story? Brainstorm your ideas and write the first sentence. Your story will get written a few sentences at a time, just like the puzzle is built, piece by piece.

We are all different. We have different puzzles we are trying to make.

Find a picture of your dream and pin it to the wall. It will give you something to aim for.

What is your dream? What picture are you trying to make?

What can you do today to start building a few edge pieces?



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  • Pamela,

    Loved it. But like Chris, I’m not really a puzzle person, but I can do one piece at a time. Like today, a good friend suggested something and I got all the edge pieces put up and even got the middle pieces together. I’m thankful for good friends. One piece at a time. One dream at a time.

    Great post.

    • Anne,
      One piece at a time. One dream at a time. I am thankful for good friends too.
      Thank you.

  • Pamela, this is so good, brilliant really. I need to do just that, take the pieces I recognize and start building the edge of my dream, little by little. There really is no other, or better, way.

    • My daughter and I worked on the puzzle tonight. And tomorrow I will work on a few edge pieces to my dream. Little by little.

  • I love the analogy here Pamela. It can be so discouraging to look at the puzzle box of my dreams and realize I am so far away from the end result. The concept of finding the edge pieces is really powerful to me…although I stink at putting puzzles together

    • pamelahodges

      Thank you Chris.
      I get discouraged too. I must remember to look at the edge pieces I have started and continue to work from there.
      I will put a picture of my dream on the wall today. Give myself something to aim for. ( And now I will REALLY call my dentist.)

    • Hello Chris,
      Yes, it can be discouraging to see a half finished puzzle. But starting with edge pieces is still a start.
      Some people never start. You have started. Just to keep going.