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Don’t look at Resistance, look at your dream

A shadow has no power.


Resistance has no power of its own. It’s a shadow, nothing more. As soon as we learn to look past the shadow to the Dream that has cast it, the shadow loses all power over us.

Steven Pressfield –

I have printed this quote out and taped it to the wall beside my desk. This quote is from an article Mr. Pressfield wrote, Resistance Comes Second, on June 5th  at www.stevenpressfield.com.

Whenever I read this quote I think of my friend Kathleen’s dog Tink. Tink is a little dog, but he casts a big shadow. Tink’s shadow can be scary.

But if you look past the shadow, you see a cute little dog with big ears. The shadow is scary but not the dog. Tink is cute.

Tink is not scary. Tink is cute.

Sometimes Resistance feels like it has a lot of power. But really, Resistance is just a shadow.

Today I will ignore Resistance and look again at my Dream. The shadow is only a shadow. It has no power. The only power it has is the power I give it.

Are you looking at your dream or are the shadow it casts?


Please read Mr. Pressfield’s books, The War of Art, and Turning  Pro. They will help you in your battle with art. He was kind and agreed to be interviewed about his books. You can read the interviews here:

Waging The WAR of ART: An interview with Steven Pressfield

Turning Pro: An interview with Steven Pressfield


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My name is Pamela Hodges. I am a writer and an artist. I write to encourage and to bring laughter. I paint cats, draw cartoons and write books for children and grown ups.

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  • oddznns

    What a good analogy. Love how you use inspiration from the everyday to say something profound Pamela.

  • Great quote! I enjoy “Do The Work” as well.

  • That’s awesome, Tink will be so honored…even if the point is, how un-intimidating she is (she thinks she is very intimidating.) Maybe there’s another analogy in there—even a Chihuahua can believe it’s a big dog? LIttle dogs have dreams too?

    • oddznns

      Like that. It’s all about how big you think you are. Then, you can cast a big shadow.