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Live each day like your favorite cookie recipe

Live your life like a good cookie recipe

On page 593 of The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook, is a recipe for Big and Chew Chocolate Chip Cookies. The page in my cookbook is stained and ripped. The words are hard to read, the pages stuck together and ripped when they were pulled apart.

To make the cookies you need flour, baking soda, salt, butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, and chocolate chips.

To make a good cookie you need to put in all the ingredients. You can’t skip the baking soda or the eggs. You need all the ingredients to make the recipe.

Live each day like your favorite cookie recipe. 

You need all the ingredients in your life to make a delicious life.

You need to work, and play. You need time to contemplate, and time with friends. Time to pray and time to run. Time to sit quietly and time to jump up and down and shout.

Some of my days only have flour in them. Like the day I only cleaned. I didn’t play with my daughter or read my bible. I forgot to pray.

This morning I read my bible as the sun woke up, and then I walked the dog.

Would God be the salt or the baking soda in your life?

Perhaps the flour is washing dishes and cooking, or sitting at a desk and adding up numbers.

The sugar is the people we hug daily. The eggs would be love, as they stick all the ingredients together. Vanilla extract is laughter, it adds flavor. And the chocolate chips will be – chocolate chips. Because everyone needs a little chocolate in their life.

Did you remember all the ingredients to a good day?

I don’t eat flour or sugar, so no cookies for me. I live each day like a good can of sardines.

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  • I think I’ve left cookies out of my day altogether. No joy or frivolity, just work. Just flour, dry, dusty flour. Today I will have gluten free vegan chocolate chip cookies (figuratively speaking)

    • Did you have any chocolate in your day today? Something to go with the pink cotton candy?
      I had a bit of vanilla in mine today.

      • Nope, but I had a smoothie made with avocado, banana, coconut milk, spinach, stevia and frozen berries. It was delish, I wish I could have shared it with you.

  • The JetSet Family

    What a cool message! I would’ve never thought of it this way. Thank yoU!

  • Christa Sterken

    as a cookie lover, I really appreciate this analogy. i’m sharing it today friend

    • Thank you for sharing your cookies Christa. Glad you liked the analogy. Not sure how to make the sardines fit the theme, but I am trying.

  • True, true! Loved this post, Pamela. Great analogy. Way to think, girl. Live like a chocolate chip cookie and you’ll live the blessing of a balanced life! 🙂

    Re: your question . . . Did I live the secret cookie recipe today?

    Hmmm . . . Woke up at 5 AM. Read Ezra 4-6. Prayed. Ran w/ the dog. Commented on a devo. Showered/readied myself for the day. Made breakfast and juice for family and hubby. Wrote for 2 hours. Hugged 3 friends (and of course my hubby and kids). Swam with the kids. Dishes, laundry, dinner prep. Provided more info to web designer. LOL The sun is still shining. LOL! Vanilla. So I would say yes. Thanks for making me think, my friend. 🙂

    • Shannon, it sounds like you lived like a dozen cookies today. So excited to see your new design.
      Always glad to hear your creative thoughts.

      • Ha. Ha. Thanks, Pamela. And I’m always glad to read what you write.

        Re: new design–I’m excited to see it too. Thanks for cheering with me, my friend.