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Life is not just like a bowl of cherries. Life is a sink full of dirty dishes.

Life is not a bowl of cherries

I have a bowl of cherries on the kitchen counter. As I put them in the bowl, the expression, “Life is just like a bowl of cherries,” came to my mind.

Who thought of that? How can that be?

Rudy Vallee sang “Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries” in 1931

Maybe Mr. Vallee had a cherry tree in his back yard.

Life is not just like a bowl of cherries. Life is a sink full of dirty dishes.

Now I just need to write some lyrics and sing it. ( If you click on the songify link, you can hear the song)



Life is a sink full of dirty dishes.
Wear your rubber gloves and get all your wishes.
Have the water hot,
dried up eggs have stuck  to your pot.
Life is not just like a bowl of cherries,
Life is a sink full of dirty dishes.
Wash, dry, put away, wash, dry, put away.
The task is never ending.
The dirty dishes are here to stay,
lock up the house and move away.


Life is a sink full of dirty dishes.




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  • So how is it, with only two of us, is my sink an eternally bearing cherry tree?

    • Good question Shelley. Perhaps you need to just use one plate each, and sing the song, “Wash, dry, put away.”

  • Robn Patrick

    That was a hoot! It’s at the top of the charts for me!

    • Glad you enjoyed it. Would you like to come and help me? I will wash if you dry.

  • Believe me, I seriously considered it. sometimes I want to get in that car and just keep driving.

    • Me too. Drive all the way to Nashville and live in a hotel and only eat chicken legs on paper plates.
      Maybe we just need to buy paper plates and only one have two sets of clothes for each family member. No dirty dishes and only load of laundry.