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Tell me what life is like and be in my book


Life is like a pickle.

Life is like a pickle.


Please tell me what you think life is like and be in my book. 

A few days ago I wrote Life is not just like a bowl of cherries. Life is a sink full of dirty dishes. 

Today I say, “Life is a pickle.”

Sweet and sour.

Life is not all good and life is not all bad.

If the pickle only tasted sour, it would be hard to swallow. If the pickle was only sweet, it would not have the tangy crunch to it.

I like crunchy pickles.

I like my life to be crunchy.

Please tell me what you think life is like.

Please write your wise words in the comment section, or you may write a blog post about what you think life is, and put your link in the comments.  ( Keep it  rated G, or GGMMRT, which stand for Good Grief My Mother Reads This.)

I look forward to hearing what you think life is like.

Oh, by the way,Goodreads has 14,661 quotes on what famous people think about life. I can read on Goodreads what Dr. Seuss, Marilyn Monroe, Mae West, Robert Frost, or Oscar Wilde think about life.

But, I want to know what you think.

I want to know what Iya, Robin, Jessica, Kathleen, Christa, Shannon, Nick, John, Renee, James, Chris, Jeff, Andy, Shannon, Anastasia, Sue, Patricia, Bryan, Joe, Stacey, Winnie, Anne, Joyce, Brianna, Audrey, Janelle, Nancy, Kim , Diane, Lotta, Shelley, Berdeane, Laura, Sue, Katina, George, David, Andy, Tony, Sylvia, Donna, Scott, Joan, Alene, Devani, Kath, Joy, Nick, Josh, Dave, Vincent and …. Please add your name here…

( As I started to type names, I realized how many names there are in the world.)

Come on, what do you really think life is like?

Some of the comments will be illustrated and made into a little book that will be sold on Amazon Kindle.  For your kindness in letting me use your comment you will get a free digital copy of the book to give away to friends. You can give away as many copies as you want to. Give one to your mother, and one to your mailman.

The deadline for contributing is October 31st, 2013. ( There will be a weeks grace period, just in case you ate too much candy and can’t get to the typewriter at the end of October.)





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My name is Pamela Hodges. I am a writer and an artist. I write to encourage and to bring laughter. I paint cats, draw cartoons and write books for children and grown ups.

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  • Valorie MacDonald

    I definitely took you up on that grace period! Personally I ate not so much candy as BIRTHDAY CAKE! My daughter turned 12 on the 31st and I did a [no]slumber party for the next night… SO I’m finally ready to share that I think life is like a swimming pool in the back yard. It requires a huge investment of time and attention; then it’s your choice to use it to its potential. You can work very hard to keep it in pristine condition, but then just sit staring at it. Maybe curl up with a book, half forgetting it’s there. You can dip a toe in but then draw back at the icy sting; or maybe you’re brave enough to sit on the edge dangling a leg in, and be content. But you will never experience the euphoria of allowing yourself to be all in. The exhilarating rush from a cannonball or the calmer yet excruciating process of wading in slowly, inching every bit of your body deeper until at last you are submerged, your whole being surrendered to the experience.

    Then I also think life is like a fresh hot pretzel. It’s amazing “as is” but really depends on what you bring to the table. It’s meant to be enjoyed, whether you like it sweet or a little spicy. It inevitably becomes tougher and colder the longer it just sits there, so far from its intended warmth and delicious..ness?)

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  • Hi Pamela,
    Happy Halloween. Here it is…better late than never, from the blog of Mojito and Me, in response to your question ‘What is Life Like?’

    That’s Life, I Tell You, I’m Not Quitting.


  • Kate Schwarz

    Life happens when you push aside a long to-do list to take a walk on a crisp fall day. Hopefully holding the hand of someone you love. Very much.

  • Finally got my post up. Here is the link: http://wp.me/s2Nm0T-roadtrip

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  • La McCoy

    Love this!

    • Thank you Laura. What do you think life is like? A dog who wants to go for a walk?

      • La McCoy

        I did answer this Pamela! I remember doing do. But maybe it was eaten in cyber space. Live is like a steaming cup of coffee perfectly creamed. (Got that one in! hohoho)

  • Andria R Bicknell

    Hi Pamela! This was so fun! Here’s my quirky little submission…


  • Laurie Flanigan

    Life is the sound, the crack, that breaks Earth’s hush,

    The falling cedar shattering the brush,

    Frail reddened embers fiery to the end,

    And ethos that will be made new again.

    • Laurie Flanigan,
      Thank you for sharing your words. A beautiful image.

      • Laurie Flanigan

        Thank you, Pamela.

  • Nick White

    Life is like a fickle, untrustworthy friend. Sometimes your friend is on your side. At other times this friend will betray you. If the worst excesses of life weren’t tempered by love then none of us would survive.

    • Nick,
      Thank you for Nick for your sharing your view on what life is like. This will be fun to illustrate.

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  • Pamela, I finally got my blog back up. Here is my post “Life is Like a Boat”. Thanks!


  • Pamela, I have been inspired by this post! There are too many ideas to fit into a single quote but some of them may make their way into a poem instead. Would you be interested in reading it when I’ve completed it? I may have it ready as a blog post soon 🙂 x

    • Yes please, Joy. I look forward to reading what you write. And link to your blog post here, if you would like to.
      Please send your poem to [email protected]ite (dot) com.

      • Thanks, Pamela. Would you like first glimpse of the poem before I make it more public on my blog? Then you can take any lines you might like to use for your book. Hope to have it ready by next week. 🙂

  • JeNan Merrill

    This demands pondering – I love the idea and will send you something when I figure it out. Right now I am thinking of a treasure chest – but we’ll see.

    • Hello JeNan,
      I look forward to your idea.
      Is it perhaps like the first day of school? Or an early morning walk with your dog in the fog?

  • Iya Hannum

    I have done my research (knowing nothing new is under the sun) and apparently, I am in agreement with Helen Keller, though I thought I was quoting Robin Williams from his movie “Hook”, I truly think life is a grand adventure, to be lived to the fullest, robustly and with flourish, even more so since my dearest’s brush with death

    • Thank you Iya for thinking about what life is like. Yes, it is a grand adventure. I thank God that your husband doesn’t eat salt and is healthy.

  • Wendy Baudín

    Hi Pamela,

    I am from UBC…so nice to meet you.

    Life is like a Jack In the Box…as the music of life plays we
    patiently sit and wait for that time we can jump up with excitement and
    happiness because the music reached the final note of our accomplishment. Yippeee…Whoeee!!! Then it’s time to go back and patiently wait
    until our next vision manifests so we can pop up again with excitement and
    happiness knowing that if we wait with faith, then all will come and even
    better than we ever imagined.

    Come visit me some time.
    Wendy Baudín
    Self Love Sherpa

    • Thank you Wendy. I love the image of a Jack In The Box.

  • This is a cool idea.

    I think life is like a tuber on a flowing stream. At times in life that stream flows quicker and at other times slower. Sometimes there are rapids and sometimes it is as still as glass. But, no matter what, it keeps flowing on.

    • Thank you Devin for your idea. It does keep flowing.

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  • Lorna_Faith

    My daughter Atlee is an artist. When I think of life, it reminds me of the ebb and flow of her paintbrush as the picture takes shape on the canvas. The natural rhythm of the brush and the picture that begins to take shape is an imitation of the process of ‘becoming’ that we all go through. In our unique life journeys, it’s the colours that take shape, that form a beautiful picture to encourage, inspire and bring hope to others. In the end it’s a mosaic of the beauty of becoming.

    • Thank you Lorna. I may never look at my paint brush the same again.

  • Christa Sterken

    Life is like the ocean. It is never static. I follow the tide in and out. When the water is calm, I float and relax in the soothing rhythm of life. When the storms come, water fills my lungs and nostrils and I fear drowning. The wind pushes away the old and I ride the crest of each wave, throwing my arms wide in anticipation. And when the waves die down, and they will, I remember the changing nature of the sea. And I will smell the salt air and listen for the waves as the sound comforts me while I float

  • Oh, such a great idea Pamela!!! Here’s mine…

    Life is like a roller coaster ride. There are highs, lows, and everything in between …. but we just have to buckle up and enjoy the ride. Sometimes it’s scary, sometimes it’s thrilling, sometimes it’s a little flat … but it’s worth it in the end.

    • And sometimes you just watch other people ride. Thank you Devani.

  • Christa Sterken

    Love this idea…I am thinking of an idea. Just in case, I’ll share a thought I had on this a few months ago http://www.christasterken.com/choosing-lifes-flavors-what-forrest-gump-had-right/

  • staci troilo

    What a great idea, Pamela. Here’s mine:

    Life is like a rainbow… sometimes we see red, sometimes we feel blue. We have fiery moments (orange), cowardly moments (yellow), envious moments (green). Sometimes we have mellow downtime (purple). But when you put it all together, it’s quite simply beautiful, and a blessing to experience.

    • Staci, it is like a rainbow isn’t it?
      Today I am a little purple, and a bit of orange. Sometimes I am too green.
      What color are you today Staci?

      • staci troilo

        Today I’m a mix of blue, orange, and purple. I’m closer to a bruise than a rainbow, I’m afraid. But tomorrow is another day! (In the meantime, I need to embrace “the in-between.”

  • Hi Pamela. Count me in. Love writing stories.

    • Thank you Patricia. I look forward to reading your story.

  • Paula Lawes

    Life is like a dog with fleas. It keeps itching away at you until you’ve had enough. Ignoring it won’t make it go away, it’s not until you finally decide to scratch, and scratch hard, that it finally releases you from the initial pain of that very first bite. Ahhhh bliss…..

    • Paula, I can hardly wait to illustrate the dog scratching. Thank you. 🙂

      • Paula Lawes

        Haha brilliant! I love dogs so I look forward to seeing your version of one 🙂