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91 days without buying any clothes, 274 more days to go

One Free pass for the 365 day challenge to not buy clothes for a year

On May  first a few friends and I started a 365 day challenge to not buy any clothes. For 91 days I have not purchased any clothes. There were a few times that I was tempted. The bright yellow and orange exercise pants that were on sale really wanted to help me walk in the morning. But, I decided to cut off my ankle length black yoga pants at the knees and use what I already had.

We do have one save. A little coupon good for one item. I didn’t want to waste the coupon.

I don’t need clothes. My closet is full.

The day before the challenge I bought a new bra. The day after the challenge when I was at the store to buy laundry soup I wandered through women’s clothing out of habit. I didn’t buy any clothes but I bought a new pencil. Then I started to buy a new mechanical pencil everytime I went shopping.

Then I realized I shopped to feel better. If I was sad, I wanted to buy something. Pencils were less expensive than clothes, but I didn’t need a new pencil. I just wanted one. Spending money on myself made me feel valued.

Remember that very little is needed to make a happy life.
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Do you think you could not buy any clothes for one year? Could you be content with what is in your closet right now? Do you have enough pencils and lead to last a year?

The challenge is even making me think twice about anything else I go to buy and I consider the level of want and need. If I am still really tempted I consider whether it is good value for the price and whether it is something I will still want long-term.
Michelle – A 365 Day Be Content Challenge Member

You can start the challenge today,  tomorrow or the day after.

Please join us at any time. I just like to start projects on a day that starts with the number 1, as it is easier to do the math when I add the days.

Today can be your day one. We have a small private facebook group to encourage each other. If you want to join us, please send your e-mail address to [email protected] (dot) come, and I will add you to the group.

If you want to write about the challenge you can place a link to your web-site in the comments.

Do you have enough clothes and pencils to last a year?


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  • Pamela Hand

    Well this communication is very interesting to me. I have taken many measures over the years in thinking about clothing. First I like to mix and match. Even though it looks weird, I have taken my old clothing to the store to make sure the new item will match with it. I also don’t buy any more pants/skirts. I make sure at least 3 to 4 tops match one pant/skirt. I also make sure that those same 3/4 tops match at least 2 to 3 other pants/skirts. This saves money and makes it easier to dress in the morning and get on with my day. I also have asked the Lord to stamp both my eyes with Eternity when I walk into a store, so that I may give to His purposes instead. (Read Yohann’s book). I have in my larger circle of friends those who believe in living simply. Living simply so that others my simply live. I remember saying I couldn’t join this challenge right now because of losing weight. I have lost 6 pounds and have not bought new clothes. I want to loss 10 more pounds. My plan is to get out my sewing machine and make adjustments to my clothing, not to buy new. We will see.

  • The 365 challenge has been pure joy and freedom for me. I realize that I had plenty of clothes and that buying more was some weird kind of compensation for feeling in adequate. I am going to write about it and post a link, thank you. Tomorrow. And thanks for coming up with this brilliant idea and inviting me to jump in the bandwagon, cause if it’s a good bandwagon, you should jump in it.

    • Hello Kathleen,
      I look forward to read your story. The challenge has helped me see I am enough. A bandwagon is always more fun with friends.

      • I wish we could get everyone to see how liberating it is to not feel like you have to have the latest everything. It’s so great to have the freedom to not be influenced by advertising.

  • Robn Patrick

    I do buy to make myself better. Or, to make someone else feel better. I love to give people just the perfect thing they need!
    For me it would be hardest to not buy art and craft supplies or books. A year would be a little hard since paint and paper gets used up, but I’ve put the skids on buying for a couple of months. I need to use up what I have!
    Way to go on sticking to your guns. (Where DID that saying come from?) It’s got to feel good to make a commitment and stick to it.

    • Hello Robin,
      How kind of you to show love by giving gifts. Do you have any photographs of something you have made? Please post a picture here. It would be nice to see.
      I understand the desire to buy art supplies. I don’t know where the expression, “sticking to your guns.” I just looked it up. It is a 300 year old expression, used in the military, to not abandon your post.
      Well, I shall not abandon my 365 day challenge. Dear God, help me to close my wallet, and be content.

  • This made me smile in a wryly knowing kind of way. Being housebound is no deterrent to shopping. Catalogue purchasing is so easy and I just wish I had shares in Amazon! Yes, my wardrobe(s) are crammed full after years of thinking my worth came through what I wore and looked like. Even now, older, wiser and less bothered about that, I can see a major overhaul is needed if only I could summon up the necessary health and energy to do it. This year I’ve been too ill to care, spent a lot of time unwell in bed and in PJs, and subsequently bought very little – books don’t count, do they? So by default I feel I’ve been on this challenge already. Perhaps I should join in and be more intentional about it?! Thanks for the thoughts, Pamela. 🙂 x

    • Hello Joy,
      Books don’t count, unless you wear them.
      I pray you feel well and always find joy in your days even when you body is sad.
      All the best,