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Keep on Dreaming – Even if it breaks your heart

Keep on dreaming, even if it breaks your heart.

My friend Kathleen shared a video on my facebook wall this morning. It is a video of a song by The Eli Young band. The song is called, “Even If It Breaks Your Heart.”

I don’t think a dream would be a dream if it was easy to catch. I think it’s worth reaching out and trying to get it, even if the world breaks you down … it’s worth fighting for.
Eric Paslay singer and co-author of Even If It Breaks Your Heart

Before you watch the video I want to ask you a question.

Did you give up on a dream? Did someone tell you couldn’t do something? 

When I was a child I had dreams. Things I wanted to do. But, I stopped dreaming the brave dreams. I dreamed the safe dreams. I listened to reason and wisdom.

And now at the age of 54 and 10/12th’s I am dreaming the crazy dreams again. Dreaming my dreams. I am not listening to reason and wisdom.

Some days the crazy dreams seem impossible. Some days I want to rearrange the furniture and clean all the baseboards and wipe down all the walls in the house instead of working on my dreams.

Today  the dreams seem too hard. I took a nap.

Now watch the video. If you want to. I don’t want to be bossy.


Can we dream together?

Lets keep on dreaming. 

I won’t sell my guitar. Will you?




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  • Never! I will never sell my figurative guitar, which I guess is my laptop, and I will keep dreaming, even if it breaks my heart. I love this song, I had to play it a couple more times today on the way from work.

    • Me too Kathleen. I will never sell my guitar. Maybe my jewelry to help pay for a dream, but never my figurative guitar.
      Never going to quit.
      Thank you for sharing this song.

  • Janelle

    Nice. Dreams get squeezed sometimes. I’m guilty of letting that happen, but try to listen to reminders like this to remember them again.

    • Hello Janelle,
      I pray your dreams don’t get squeezed. And I pray all is well in your home today.
      May there be new small figurines on your shelf representing people who have walked and been loved on your land.