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See with your heart and not just your eyes.

See with your heart and not just your eyes

The eye doctor gave me a new prescription this morning; the vision in my right eye has deteriorated. I will need new lenses in my glasses.

As I sat in the chair with the machine on my face, I realized that I don’t often notice the things I can see.

A person who only sees with his eyes and not his heart misses the details of beauty.
―    Evie Lynn Fritz

See with your heart and not just your eyes.

When I came home from the eye doctor, my youngest daughter wasn’t feeling well. The dirty dishes stayed in the sink, the vacuum cleaner stayed in the closet, and the groceries I brought home stayed on the kitchen table. ( I did put the chicken in the fridge.)

It was time to slow down and notice the beauty in my daughter. We watched Andy Griffith and sat together on the couch.

Living in The In-Between

Last week I read the book, The In-Between by Jeff Goins. A story of living in the moment, of slowing down and finding contentment in our daily routines, and not just waiting for the “major moments.”

The book has left a shadow on my life, as though in the telling of Jeff ‘s life story, he has helped to clean the dirt off my eyeglasses and helped me see with my heart and not just my eyes.

Leave a few dishes in the sink and sit with someone you love. 

It is time to slow down and enjoy the time in-between.

P.S. The dishes are still in the sink. They will still be there tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, because dirty dishes never go away. May my children never say, “My mother never had time to be with me, but the kitchen was always clean.”

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