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147 steps to tackle a BIG project

147 steps to tackle a big project

Do you have a  BIG project you need to work on? Is the project as big as a mountain? Is the project so big that you haven’t even started on it?  Is the project so big that you are having trouble sleeping at night?

Did you delete all of your recipes and now you have to re-enter them into your computer? Do you have a mess of weeds in your garden? Did you want to clean out your basement? Were you going to learn a new computer program?

Does the BIG project taunt you?

“Hey there! You will never be able to get started on this project. I am as big as a mountain. You will never be able to do this! Go read a book!  Why don’t you take another nap!  Eat all the cookies!  Take another bath!  Read weird stories on the internet!  Check your e-mail again!”

This will shut the Big Project up.

147 steps to tackle a BIG project

  1.  Believe you can.
  2.  Then do it.
  3. Work on it.
  4.  Work on it a little more.
  5.  Work some more.
  6. and then a bit more.
  7. Keep working.
  8. Work again.
  9. And some more.
  10. Keep working.
  11. Work on it again.
  12.  Work on it a little more.
  13.  Work some more.
  14. And then a bit more.
  15. Keep working.
  16. Work again.
  17. And some more.
  18. Keep working.
  19. Work on it again.
  20.  Work on it a little more.
  21.  Work some more.
  22. and then a bit more.
  23. Keep working.
  24. Work again.
  25. And some more.
  26. Keep working.
  27. Work on it again.
  28.  Work on it a little more.
  29.  Work some more.
  30. And then a bit more.
  31. Keep working.
  32. Work again.
  33. And some more.
  34. Keep working.
  35. Work on it again.
  36.  Work on it a little more.
  37.  Work some more.
  38. and then a bit more.
  39. Keep working.
  40. Work again.
  41. And some more.
  42. Keep working.
  43. Work on it again.
  44.  Work on it a little more.
  45.  Work some more.
  46. And then a bit more.
  47. Keep working.
  48. Work again.
  49. And some more.
  50. Keep working.
  51. Work on it again.
  52.  Work on it a little more.
  53.  Work some more.
  54. and then a bit more.
  55. Keep working.
  56. Work again.
  57. And some more.
  58. Keep working.
  59. Work on it again.
  60.  Work on it a little more.
  61.  Work some more.
  62. And then a bit more.
  63. Keep working.
  64. And some more.
  65. Keep working.
  66. Work on it again.
  67.  Work on it a little more.
  68.  Work some more.
  69. and then a bit more.
  70. Keep working.
  71. Work again.
  72. And some more.
  73. Keep working.
  74. Work on it again.
  75.  Work on it a little more.
  76.  Work some more.
  77. And then a bit more.
  78. Keep working.
  79. Work again.
  80. And some more.
  81. Keep working.
  82. Work on it again.
  83.  Work on it a little more.
  84.  Work some more.
  85. and then a bit more.
  86. Keep working.
  87. Work again.
  88. And some more.
  89. Keep working.
  90. Work on it again.
  91.  Work on it a little more.
  92.  Work some more.
  93. And then a bit more.
  94. Keep working.
  95. Work again.
  96. And some more.
  97. Keep working.
  98. Work on it again.
  99.  Work on it a little more.
  100.  Work some more.
  101. and then a bit more.
  102. Keep working.
  103. Work again.
  104. And some more.
  105. Keep working.
  106. Work on it again.
  107.  Work on it a little more.
  108.  Work some more.
  109. And then a bit more.
  110. Keep working.
  111. Work again.
  112. And some more.
  113. Keep working.
  114. Work on it again.
  115.  Work on it a little more.
  116.  Work some more.
  117. and then a bit more.
  118. Keep working.
  119. Work again.
  120. And some more.
  121. Keep working.
  122. Work on it again.
  123.  Work on it a little more.
  124.  Work some more.
  125. And then a bit more.
  126. Keep working.
  127. Work again.
  128. And some more.
  129. Keep working.
  130. Work on it again.
  131.  Work on it a little more.
  132.  Work some more.
  133. and then a bit more.
  134. Keep working.
  135. Work again.
  136. And some more.
  137. Keep working.
  138. Work on it again.
  139.  Work on it a little more.
  140.  Work some more.
  141. And then a bit more.
  142. Keep working.
  143. Work again.
  144. And some more.
  145. Keep working.
  146. And if you are not done. Keep working on it.
  147. Add or delete more steps as needed.

That is really the only way.

Believe you can.

Then do it. 

Enter the recipes into the computer, pull the weeds, clean out your basement and learn the new computer program. Enter one recipe, pull one weed, open up one box, read one section of the computer program.

Just start.

The project won’t get finished, while you are in the bathtub,  taking a nap, or eating cookies.

The only way to finish is to start. [ Would you like to tweet that? Here is the link if you would like to. tweet tweet ]

What is your big project today?

I am trying to learn a new computer program. My brain feels like mush. I am only on step 47. One hundred more steps to go, I think. I will add or subtract steps as needed.



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  • Lisa Rothstein

    Love this — though when I tweet your tweetable it does no seem to credit you.

  • Pat Meyers

    Good morning! I don’t know how I missed this post last month, but the headline caught my eye as I was peeking at your blog this morning. What a smile it gave me — and motivation — and another smile. What a delightful post. Perhaps I’ll print it out and hang it by my desk at home. Thank you Pamela! I just love it.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting Pat.
      What is your main motivation today?
      And now I am smiling!

  • Sue Sutherlin

    You are so right, it is important to START! Thank you so much for this timely reminder!

  • I finished a project that was huge. My 2nd book. I will launch 2 books and a possible third one next month. Whew. The worst part was right before I was finished.

    • Anne,
      You have done 147 steps several times. Starting and working hard = finishing. Well-done.

  • BWAH HAHAHAHA! Pamela, I am powering through all 147 steps as you posted this. I am so sick of posting recipes, and I will be so happy when I’m done. But it is going to look awesome. Then I get to start all over again on the next project! Here’s to “147 Steps.”

    • Ha, ha.
      I was thinking of you when I wrote this.
      Can you tell?
      You spend all day working on a recipe book. May I have one please?

      • You and Audrey Chin get the first signed copies. Virtually signed. It will be an e-book.

  • LOL So true, Pamela. I think I’m somewhere around step 50 on finishing my book. Now I have the big project of picking the pictures for my book so my husband can get the illustrations made for me. I gave myself the 30th as the launch date. Whew! A lot of steps ahead. Now to get off here and work on it some more. Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Anastacia,
      I look forward to seeing your project completed. I am on step 123 on my book. I wrote it last year in October, and then I got stuck. It is time to listen to my own advice and get working on it.
      I can hardly wait to see what you and your husband are making.