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I challenge you to listen to Thumper and not complain today

Do not complain today.

Today has just started, we just have this little second we are living in. It is black outside. I see a ribbon of red between the trees as the sun begins to rise. It is 5:57 a.m.

No words have been spoken. The air is silent.

I challenge you to not complain today.

Do everything without complaining or arguing…
Philippians 2:14

Nothing negative. Zip, nada, gar nichts, kne chaina, nashi, ekkert, rien, ingenting, niente, nihil,niets, kuch nahin, intet.

You can’t even say, “This coffee is too hot.”

You are only allowed to say something nice.

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up, according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.
Ephesians 4:29

I challenge you to listen to Thumper

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.

Please let me know how you did today. And – 

I will write at the end of the day how I did. So far, so good. But I haven’t talked to anyone yet. This could be difficult. I like to complain.


All the best,


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  • Janelle

    I’m a day late, but we were away on the weekend. It’s 5:00 on Monday morning. I will try to not complain today.

    • Let me know how you do Janelle. I kept my mouth shut yesterday, now today I want to ignore Thumper.
      But I will keep working on it.

  • The day is almost over. I don’t think I complained. I told my husband it was a No-Complaining Day, and that he was not allowed to think complaints either. Kind of hard to get accountability for that though.

    • Did you find it hard?
      There were a few times I started to say something negative. Then I had to close my mouth and re-think my words.

  • This is a challenge but I’ll sure try. 🙂

    • How did you do?

      • I did okay. I was at least mindful of what I said. The hardest part was not complaining of my sore toe. Especially when my husband kept asking me about it. I tried to think of positive ways to say it hurts. So I may have not made it the whole day but I did put some effort towards it.

        How did you do?

  • Okay, I’m in. It’s 1:01 pm. I’ll try too. Actually I did not complain yet, no, I did. Said I did not sleep well. We had a storm and so were awake often. Halyards slamming against masts, boat rolling, some swell. general mayhem.
    For the rest of today, I’ll be nice.
    Great idea by the way, Pamela.
    Maybe If I do this challenge every day, one day at a time, i might become a nicer person…

    • Patricia,
      I never thought about your boat moving in the middle of the night during a storm. And I complain that my bed is too small. I wanted a king-size and we bought a queen size.
      Thank you Patricia. I am glad you like the idea. I will try and be nicer too.