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the angels hear me

The angels hear me sing


and it is sunday morning and i have to leave in a few minutes and i can’t decide what to wear and is what i have to wear acceptable will people look at me and think i don’t belong and i wear boots and jeans because i can’t wear a dress on my scooter weaving through traffic in tokyo and church is a new thing for me and i have a few friends and i am learning what it means to love jesus and make a new way and i come with all my scars and pain looking for healing and friends and the forgiveness and i arrive and make my way to the front and sit down and someone asks

why don’t you wear dresses to church?

and i wonder where is the grace and the love that i seek and where is there a culture that accepts you as you are and is your value measured in the dresses and clothes that you wear for a God who loves you as you are and wants to hold you and wash away your sins with the blood of jesus does he care if you wear jeans and boots and i say come to the church in your jeans and boots and the rips in your knees and the stains on your heart and find love the true love that God has for you in his son who died for you and the woman in the dress missed the whole point and her sunday is tied to the culture of how she was brought up

don’t look at the people look at the face of jesus and forgive the people in their suits and ties who somehow miss the point because jesus loves me this i know for the bible tells me so and i get dressed and go to church as i am with my jeans and my heart on my sleeve to worship and i sing a joyful noise onto the lord and I raise my voice that is out of key and i am not in the worship band but

the angels hear me



The angels hear me sing

writing for five minutes as fast i can like a poetry slam in a loud voice in front of a microphone in my jeans with the rip in the knee and my black boots for five minute friday with lisa jo baker and you can read other stories that people wrote with the word prompt worship here

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  • love you, lady….love your blog.

  • R W

    and i sing a joyful noise onto the lord and I raise my voice that is out of key and i am not in the worship band but

    the angels hear me

    yes. This.

  • Wearing jeans to church and you are not acceptable before God? Really I wonder who told them that. As for me it was bobby-socks and a hat too.
    The angels hears us, Pamela. I know that. I find feathers when my heart is sore…the angels sing for us too.

    • Yes, they hear us. thank you Patricia. Bobby socks and a hat.
      Looking for feathers today.

  • Loved it. Really loved it.

  • Kelly Greer

    Oh Pam! I LOVE THIS! Yes! Jesus loves you this I know….and oh how he loves you just the way you are…jeans and boots and all…because that is just the way you are! Yes, we keep our eyes on Jesus, the one who gives grace, the one who gave of himself so that we might live our lives worshiping in spirit and in truth! Love to have found you here from FMF!

    • Thank you Kelly. It is nice to meet you at FMF. All the best and hugs back at you.

  • Janine Etherington

    “i am not in the worship band but the angels hear me”
    yep! 🙂

    • we can sing together two friends who met in art school and who lost touch but the God who loves them brought them back together and friends are always friends

      • Janine Etherington

        🙂 🙂 🙂