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A Pink Pearl eraser on the first day of school

The first day of school

Today is the first day of school and I am ready with my Pink Pearl eraser. I saw it yesterday  in the stationary section of the store. It was yelling at me, “You need to buy me.”

I bought the eraser. It reminded me of my first day of school.

The list from the teacher creased and stained from carrying it in my pocket for weeks.


The teacher didn’t write this on her list. But I will add these to my list.

Students please pack in your backpack,


And leave at home,

a critical spirit
and deceit

I pray as you start the school year you will find a friend. I pray that no one will feel excluded and that there is always a seat for you at the table. I pray the boy, who was mean to you last year, has changed his heart. I pray the girl who gossiped about you keeps her mouth closed and that she becomes your friend. I pray the bully is now kind. I pray the gossip stops. I pray you will always be included in a game of tag.

I pray that no matter what happens to you on the first day of school,  you will never forget that you are loved and treasured and of value. I pray you will always know you are special.

What did you put in your backpack today?


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  • Leigh Anne Eck

    This would make a great back-to-school bulletin board!

    • How fun. I loved the decorated bulletin boards when I was in grade school.

  • Jaana

    Pamela, this is spot on! I wish I had thought of your words when I was writing my wish list for my students! Thankful that you are in my life to remind me about the important things!

    • Jaana, I am glad you are in mine. Thank you for your kind words.

  • Stacey Shubitz

    I love, love, love this post, Pamela! I hope everyone packs a backpack full of kindness, honesty, diligency, loyalty, peace, patience, curiosity, gentleness, and self-control. If they do, schools will be a better place.

    • Thank you Stacey. It makes me so sad when children are mean.

  • Nancy Hatcher

    this is clever and I really love the special attributes you wanted us to put in our backpacks…oh, I also want the ipad in there:) xo

    • Thank you Nancy. How was your first day of school? I know you tried to make everyone in your class feel special.
      An ipad too. Great idea.

  • Robn Patrick

    I remember that eraser. I even remember how it smells! Not long into the school year I had already poked a bunch of holes in it with the tip of my pencil. The lead made black rings around the holes.
    I like your list too – we should have have that list for our purses!

    • Robin, I poked holes in my eraser too. How funny, I forgot I did that until you mentioned it.
      Maybe I will write out the list and put it in my purse.

  • Elsie

    I wish all parents could read your list of what to carry to school. Wouldn’t it be great if those items were on the supply list? Good food for thought!

    • Yes, I would love to see them on a school list as well. How was your first day at school?

  • kathunsworth

    Oh Pam these words resonated and I feel every mum prays for their children at school. My boy has autism and I pack something extra for him to play with, something small like a bayblade hoping he will connect with someone on that particular day. Through the day I wonder is it a good day or a bad day? I am lucky he can tell me, and we talk out the problems. Beautiful heartfelt post. made me tear up. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

    • You are very welcome Kath. Thank you for reading. I hope your son had a good day at school. I will pray for him.