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How to teach your child to whine


Toys in a thrift store

I heard a parent in the  store say to her son sitting in the shopping cart, “Stop whining! No! Y0u may not have a toy”  

“Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese, may I have a toy?”

“Will you promise to be nice?”


Then she  bought him a toy.

The parent just taught their child to whine.

How to teach your child to whine

1. When you child whines always get them what they ask for.
2. Do not teach your child to speak in a normal voice when they ask for something. Allow them to whine.
3. When they ask to you get them something, be sure to not require a please and thank you.
4.  Never stick to your word. Never. The child must think you will eventually give in, so don’t stick to your word. No really means maybe.
5.  Say no, and then after they ask you for the item at least ten or more times, change your mind and give it to them.

Want to raise children who will be happy adults? Teach them not to whine.
Dennis Prager

How to teach your child not to whine

1. No means no.
2. No means no.
3. No means no.
4. No means no.
5. No means no.

And you? Did you teach your child to whine?

I did. Now I am practicing saying, “No means no.”




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  • Janelle

    Very good.

  • Loved the post. No, I did not teach my children to whine. And I don’t let Jude and Charlie whine either. I tell them whining hurts grandma’s ears. Use words.

  • kathunsworth

    Pamela even with a special needs child NO means NO and yet sometimes the meltdowns are so furious it is hard to stay on top of it all. I think parenting has changed we are a product of never having enough time for our kids. We buy them off with trinkets. Mostly they don’t want the toy, they just want your time. I agree they remember the last thing they did that helped them get what they wanted. I repeat …”what do you get when you act like this?” and mine yells out “nothing!” Yet he still tries it on every week. Oh I get tired just thinking about it. No means No but sometimes I admit it gets blurred.

    • Kath,
      Yes, that does sound hard. Hard to say no when the child gets so angry. I wonder why parents buy their kids off with toys. Perhaps we, I think that is loving the child?
      I want to love more and clean less. So little time to clean up all the dirt on the walls where the dog rubs and vacuum up all the hair and still play.Thinking about you today.

  • Brad V

    Yes, Yes, Yes! You are right on, Pamela. Great lesson.