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31 days to…?

31 days to...?

My theme for this year has been to: “Not Shut Up For 365 Days.” Every day I write about something I see in the world, something that reminds me that God loves me. Some stories are about my past and some stories about my dirty dishes or my hairy legs.

Some of my friends are joining the 31 Day challenge at nester.com. They will write about one theme for 31 days.

It seemed odd to limit yourself to just one theme, when you have the world in front of you to write about.

What theme can I chose that would still allow me to whine about hating to wash dishes? What theme would allow me to complain about the seven litter boxes? And would I survive if I didn’t talk about the mess in my basement for one month?

Would limiting a writing topic help with creativity or would it limit it?

Last summer I took a Computer Graphics class. One of the assignments for the class was to watch Ted talks. My favorite Ted Talk, was  Embrace the Shake,  by Phil Hansen, an artist. He talked about going  into a creative slump because he felt paralyzed by too many choices. He began to look for limitations.

Embracing the limitation can actually drive creativity. We need to first be limited in order to become limitless.
Phil Hansen — Ted Talk, ” Embrace the Shake.”

For the month of October I am going to limit myself to one theme.

One problem. I can’t make up my mind. 

31 days to clean out my basement?  31 days to smile? 31 days to reflect? or 31 days to paint?

My blog is i paint i write, but lately it could be called i hate washing dishes i write. I haven’t painted in months.

Please join me on this adventure. Tomorrow you will find out what theme I chose.

What sounds interesting to you? 

Please tell me in the comments. I would love to chat.



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  • jesspetersonart

    I didn’t know you were doing a 365 blogging project. Wow. I tried doing a 365 photo project, at least three times. Eventually it felt forced and I quit every time. But I hope you finish your project 🙂
    I agree with Phil Hansen, if there are too many choices, I feel overwhelmed and indecisive, and then I have more trouble creating. It’s definitely paralyzing.

    I’m so glad you’re doing 31 days about art! I’m looking forward to all your posts this month!
    By the way, I hate washing dishes too!! I feel like every time I finish dishes, I turn around, and there’s dishes in the sink again!

    • Hello Jess,

      365 days is a long time. If you try again to do a 365 day photo project photograph your shoes on the days it feels forced. Just be you. (see day #8)

      Did you wash your dishes last night? I washed mine. The dishwasher is broken, so I get some exercise standing at the sink.

      Here is the post that has all of the 31 days of art linked at the bottom. http://ipaintiwrite.com/2013/10/01/dear-world-we-are-artists-and-we-will-make-art/

      I hope you enjoy them. Thank you Jess for your interest.

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  • Teresa Richardson

    maybe you could do ” how to paint everyday in the busyness of life”

    • Christa Sterken

      That sounds good! If not now, a post in the future Pamela?

  • I am excited to see what you decide to share!

    • Thank you!
      I just hope Pamela today doesn’t decide something that Future Pamela will regret.

  • I think you should choose 31 Days to Smile. Then you can smile as you walk past your dirty dishes to paint and write :^)

    • Eva,
      I would love to smile every day for 31 days. Perhaps the solution to create is to use paper plates, and cups and plastic silverware?

  • Melissa Wheeler

    Maybe if you cleaned out your basement you would have space to paint and be creative 🙂 I love to paint because its like meditation for me to concentrate on something other than the load of laundry for just a little while

    • The basement gets attacked on Friday. I am going to go in with two boxes of black garbage bags and combat boots.
      I have to walk past it on the way to my studio.
      Do you have any paintings to share?

      • Melissa Wheeler

        I like finding old things from garage sales or secondhand stores and making them look like new. I will have to find the snowman I just painted over.

  • I wouldn’t mind reading something like “31 days to become more creative,” or “31 days to become an artist.” Because I know the nitty gritty of doing stuff like graphic design, I’m just not very creative, and I would love to know, where does that come from? I’ve always thought you were either born with, or you weren’t but if it can be taught, then I would like to learn.

    • Hello Kathleen,
      I think creativity comes on the end caps of Target. However, it is usually sold out by the time people get there.
      People are born with it, and we all have it. It just got turned off somewhere in first grade.

      • Well, then maybe you could write “31 things I learned in the first grade, that I need to remember.” And then I can learn them too.

  • I’m excited to see what you decide on, Pamela! I’ll even add a link to your posts on my page. 🙂

    • Thank you Anastacia,
      I am excited too. I will let you know as soon as I know.