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Risk failure and try to be Aunt Harriet

Risk failure and try

Sunday night I auditioned for a part in the play, The Nutcracker. I read for the part of Aunt Harriet, who plays the double-role of The Snow Queen.

Wednesday night I got “the” phone call. Yes, that’s right. “The” phone call.

“You didn’t get the part.”

I have brown hair. She has brown hair. People laughed when I read, and people laughed when she read. But, she was better for the part. The director will always chose who is more suited to the role. It is not personal, and I didn’t take it personally.

If you don’t audition you will never get a part.  [Would you like to tweet that? tweet tweet ]

Last Sunday I had a choice. I could drive for 13.71 miles  and audition for a chance to be in the Christmas play or I could stay home, wash dishes and imagine my life on the stage.

It would be easier to stay home and live in a shadow world where I am always winning, “I am such a good actress. I would have gotten the part.” Being successful only in my imagination. But I won’t get better at auditioning if I never audition.

You  learn by doing,  not by only thinking about it.

Step out a little. Try something new. Every time you try, you learn a little more. Draw a picture. Keep drawing. Every time you draw a picture you will learn to notice more. Your eyes will start to be coordinated to your hand. Every time you play your flute  the notes will start to sound more like the notes on the sheet music.

When you write and keep writing, your words will start to come out more clearly and they will not get stuck in your brain. Your words have to come out of your head for us to read them.

Nobody can read the book you are thinking if you never write it down. [tweet tweet]

If you never draw you will never find out what you could create on a piece of paper.
If you never play the flute you will never get to hear the notes.
If you never audition you will never be on stage.

The next time I audition, maybe I will get a part and maybe I won’t. But, I will be living in real-time, on stage trying, and not in a shadow world where I always succeed.

I would rather fail then never try.

Will you risk failure and try? 

Please tell me in the comments. I would love to chat. (P.S. I know I often say at the end of my stories, “I would love to chat.” I mean it. I really would love to.)


If you don’t try you will never succeed. If you try, you might even get to be Aunt Harriet.


The Nutcracker will be at DCP Theater in Telford, Pennsylvania, December 6-15. Sam Miller, will be directing a cast of talented and funny people. Come laugh and enjoy a delightful Christmas play. I will be there cheering and clapping.



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  • kathunsworth

    Pamela I know you would have made a great Aunt Harriet never give up on those dreams and keep on being you! Creative soul that you are.

  • My daughter auditioned and didn’t get the part for a play. However, she went to every practice. The person who got the part didn’t. She got the part because she had memorized the part anyway. Definitely try out, and hang around as an understudy. Who knows? Maybe the person chosen won’t show up at the right time.

    • She will show up. I know the woman who got the part. She is funny and very kind, plus professional. Sam made a good choice. And, there is always next time.

  • La McCoy

    Loved this!

  • Janelle

    I like to think of it as risking success:) Have a fantastic time at the story conference. So jealously happy for you and Kathleen.

    • Oh, I like that better Janelle. Risking success. I wish you could have come as well.

  • I’m convicted, in fact I’m a little bit ashamed of myself for hunkering down in fear when you are out there daring greatly. I will try harder and remember what it feels like to go for broke. It’s better to do down in a blaze of glory than never take off at all.

    • Yes, lets take off and drive to Nashville. Fear is fine as long as you are moving forward. So lets put the car in drive and not in reverse.

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