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Betty and Robert have been together for five years. Will he propose tonight?

Betty and Robert had been together for five years.

Betty and Robert have been together for five years.

Betty was getting ready for her big date with Robert. She had just returned home from the hairstylist with her beehive hairdo. She thought it was a bit too high, but if she didn’t dance too fast, hopefully it would stay on top of her head. Robert was a cool cat and liked to wear bow ties. Narrow ties had become the latest fashion,but Robert was his own man, and liked to dress a little differently.

They had been going out for five years and tonight was the anniversary of their first date. Would he propose? Was there a ring in his pocket or just a hankie to wipe the sweart off his brow after the dance?

She liked to think her cat-eye glasses would be a nice addition. She just picked them up at the eye glass store. Robert had never seen her in glasses before. She was worried he wouldn’t love her anymore if she wore glasses. She thought she might put them in her purse.

She was nervous about tonight. Her friends had told her it was time to move on if Robert didn’t propose. She loved him, but five years was a long time to not know what his intentions were. She had always wanted to have a litter of kittens, and she was getting older.

Her friends had all gotten married, and she had been a bridesmaid at all of their weddings. He was going to be here any minute. She put the final touches on her hairstyle and waited for the honk of his horn to run out the front door to his car.

She put her glasses in her purse.

What do you think will happen? Will Robert propose? Will Betty put her glasses back on and risk rejection?

Please tell me in the comments. I would love to know what you think.


Write for 5 minutes unedited for Five minute Friday. You can read the other stories here. Today’s word is “together.”

Betty and Robert are the cats in the paintings. The paintings will be displayed at the opening of Proximity Cafe in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, in a couple of weeks. I will let you know when the opening is. If you would like to come, please send me an e-mail: [email protected] ( The paintings are not finished. I will show pictures of them every day until they are finished. A work in progress.)

Every painting has a story. This month I am writing about Making Art. You can read the rest of the stories about art here.



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  • Alison Alison

    Yes Betty you must put your glasses back on! You are blindly going through each day without them.Please gather your strength as he may humiliate you and do a public proposal at the opening night and all your dreams with the right cat will be gone. You are a work of art Betty,he is a work in progress.Who knows ,you may inspire other cats to be self sufficent before breeding season.

  • Why must Betty wait for Robert to ask the question. She sounds like someone who knows what she wants. Betty should ask Robert to marry her.

    • Good idea Patricia, she could ask Robert to marry her.
      Betty hasn’t asked me, but I would suggest she breaks it off. Robert doesn’t come to the door to pick her up; he sits in the car and honks the horn.
      And, what will he say when he sees her glasses? Will he be kind? Time will tell.

  • Pam, after being married to two Robert’s, I am telling Betty, ‘run’, run now, fast! 🙂 http://keeponpath.wordpress.com/2013/10/26/breathing-a-sigh-of-relief-that-you-are-together/

    • Thank you Karen,
      I will tell Betty to run. Robert doesn’t come to the door to pick her up. He honks the horn. A telling detail.
      Maybe she should put her glasses back on and see if they scare him away?

  • leahJyn

    Great story and a nice spin to the prompt