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On December 1st my toys will come alive

On December first my toys will come alive. My lion, tiger, leopard, elephant,and giraffe that I bought last week at Target for $3.00 each, will wander around my home looking for something to do. Perhaps they will be hungry? Maybe they want to watch television or paint a picture in my studio? At the stroke […]

How much is your dream worth? Or why I worked at Converse on Black Friday

Last night I went to work at the Converse store at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. My shift was from 8:00 at night until 5:00 in the morning. I was hired for one day. These gray Converse Chuck Taylor’s kept me comfortable on my feet for nine hours. There were people waiting in […]

We sang Happy Birthday to Martha in the dairy aisle

Her cart was blocking the door to the 1% milk I wanted to buy. I stood by her cart for a few minutes waiting for her to notice me. Her nose was pressed against the glass trying to read the labels. “Excuse me, could you please move your cart.” She turned to look at me, […]

Walking with my friend in Ireland with a hot potato in my pocket

Stacey Covell lives in Dublin, Ireland, and I live in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania, in the United States.  Every day for eighteen days we are both walking two miles. Today is day five. Are you wondering why Stacey and I are both walking two miles? And what does walking have to do with a potato in your […]

You know you need to clean your house when…

The past few weeks all I have done is write, and paint cats in the basement. This morning I woke up and wandered like a zombie through my house. Well, I am not sure how a zombie would wander. And, actually I don’t even know what a zombie is. Are they partially dead or partially […]

The bird was dead on the side of the road

Last week when I went walking with Martha, my dog, I saw on the side of the road a dead bird. It was laying on it’s back in the middle of dead leaves next to a plastic top with a straw through it. A dead bird with trash. I kept walking. Then I stopped and […]

365 day challenge to not buy any clothes for a year: update

Today is day 204 of the 365 day challenge to not buy any clothes for one year. One save coupon was provided for those taking the challenge in case you found that you needed a new Christmas dress because you had gained ten pounds and your red dress didn’t fit anymore. Yesterday I used my […]

The case of the missing chicken

  This morning I bought groceries. 2.03 pounds of bananas, 2.65 pounds of Romaine lettuce, two bunches of organic carrots, .71 pounds of swiss chard, one five pound bag of Fuji apples, a loaf of whole wheat bread and two pounds of hamburger meat, veal and ground pork to make a meat loaf. And I […]

Scrub a pot when you don’t know what to write.

When you are not sure what to write, go and scrub a pot. You can think more clearly when you are doing something. It is not practical or productive to wander from room to room staring at the laundry, the dirty dishes, or the unfinished manuscript. Find something physical to do. Perhaps all of your […]

My father planted a tree

My fathered planted a weeping willow tree in the backyard of 1216 Ave. K North in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, when we bought the house in 1959. The tree grew as my brother and I walked to Henry Kelsey public school; its branches grew and touched the grass. We hid beneath the branches and played in a fantasy […]