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5 reasons why you should never clean up clutter

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It is 10:38 in the morning, and I am not going to write today. Today I am just going to look at all the clutter in my house and whine about it.

“But, hey, I just read something you wrote!”

Oh, well. Yes you did. Silly me. I guess I am writing.

You should always leave your house a mess. Never pick anything up and never wash your dishes. Avoid all responsibility and mope around your house all day.

5 reasons why you should  never clean up clutter

1. It is hard to concentrate if you are surrounded by screaming piles of paper. “Pay me! Send your mother the toothpicks she asked for! File those papers!” Maybe you are one of the unlucky ones, who can concentrate in the middle of a mess. Or maybe, your papers are not screaming at you.  Why do you want to concentrate? If you can concentrate then you have to actually do something. Ignore the papers and eat another cookie.

2. Don’t clean up clutter just because Jeff Goins said you should. I read Jeff’s article months ago, Your Clutter is Killing Your Creativity (And What To Do About It),  and realized he was probably right. But, who wants to listen to what we should do all the time? It is easier to whine about the mess and mope around the house than it is to clean. And if I cleaned up clutter then I would have time to be creative. And who really wants to do anything with their life? It is easier to procrastinate and put it off, blaming the mess for the lack of action.

3. You might trip on the clutter and have to go to the hospital. The K-Nex rollercoaster you are taking apart, is a safety hazard. If you  don’t pick it up you might trip on it. If you trip on it you might have to spend hours in the emergency room, and then you can whine about how long you have to wait. If you are in the hospital you can avoid more responsibility and delay your projects even longer.

4. If you clean up your clutter you will be able to concentrate and get something done. But if you clean up the mess then you have no more excuses to not write your book. Right now you can blame it on not being able to concentrate. This one sounds like a repeat of #1. But my house is so full of clutter it is hard to think clearly and not repeat myself.

5. Clutter everywhere might get you on a reality TV show about people who are hoarders. You have always wanted to be on television, and since you don’t have a beard or make duck calls, clutter might just be the way you get on a reality television show.

I am so glad I didn’t write today. Now I can go back and stare out the window and ignore the clutter.

Tomorrow is another day. I will just wait until then to pick up. My book will never get written and I will never clean up this mess. Time to eat a cookie.

Do you think it is a good idea to clean up clutter? Please tell me why in the comments. I really want to know.


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  • janeray

    What are you afraid of that’s keeping you stuck, keeping you from living the life you really want?

    • Oh, Jane,
      You saw through the sarcasm and saw the fear. I don’t know what it is really. Yesterday I cleaned up the clutter and wrote. I don’t want to be defined by my fear.

  • La McCoy


  • Terje

    two connections that pop to my mind

    Einstein once said: “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

    Gretchen Rubin in Happiness Project said: Don’t get organized. Get rid.

    Eat the cookie, ignore the clutter, write the book.

    • Terje,
      Good point. I won’t get organized. I will get rid of it. There is a trip to the second hand store in my near future. First I have to write the book, and eat the cookie.

  • nlazaris

    You caught me cleaning up my study … now I have to write … darn you.

    • Yes, Nick. And you caught me not thinking about good things and relying on feelings. So we are even.