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365 day challenge to not buy any clothes for a year: update

Gray sweatpants

Today is day 204 of the 365 day challenge to not buy any clothes for one year. One save coupon was provided for those taking the challenge in case you found that you needed a new Christmas dress because you had gained ten pounds and your red dress didn’t fit anymore.

Yesterday I used my coupon. Do you think I bought a new dress? No, I bought a pair of size Medium Hanes Premium EcoSmart Men’s Fleece pants for $7.49 not including tax. It was money well spend as they are “made with up to 5% recycled polyester, keeping millions of plastic bottles out of landfills each year.”

One Free pass for the 365 day challenge to not buy clothes for a year

“What!  You used your save on a pair of sweat pants! What about a Christmas dress for your husbands Christmas party on December 7th? Are you going to wear your sweat pants?”

No, I am not going to wear my sweat pants to the Christmas party. The sweat pants will keep my legs warm as I try to walk two miles every day for the next 18 days so I can fit into a dress I already own that use to fit me.

My dog can not walk with me at the YMCA and I don’t want to spend $78.00 a month to walk around the track  seventeen times to walk one mile.  It is cold outside, and I hate to be cold. I wish I could get the same benefit as walking by staying under my goose down comforter that my mother made for me out of goose feathers she bought from the Hutterite Colony in Saskatchewan in 1976.

In 18 days I will wear either the red dress that I wore on September 21, 1990, the day before I got married. Or I will wear the black velvet dress I bought at Savers Thrift Store in Saint Paul Minnesota in 2004 for $10.00.

What dress should I wear to the Christmas party?

Which dress do you think I should wear?  Please tell me in the comments.

I will wear whatever dress gets the most votes. ( Or which ever dress fits me. I will walk faster so both dresses fit, and I won’t eat any apples the day of the party. Apples bloat my stomach and nothing will fit me then.)

The red dressThe black dress


You can join The 365 Day Challenge To Not Buy Any Clothes For A Year, at any time. There is a private facebook group for people who are taking the challenge. If you want to join, email me please, pamela (at) ipaintiwrite (dot) com and I will add your name to the group.

Here are the precious articles on not buying clothes for one year.

365 day challenge: Do not buy any new clothes for one year

Can you be content and not buy any clothes for 365 days?

91 days without buying any clothes, 274 more days to go


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  • Tink Caron

    Miss Pamela, you have to wear the red dress! You can’t run in the black dress! What if something starts chasing you?

    • Oh Tink, you are so kind to try and protect me.

      You are right I can’t run in the black dress, but I may not be able to eat anything in the red dress. I guess I had better go for my walk now to lose a few more pounds.
      Love Miss Pamela, (Please say hello to your mother for me.)

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  • La McCoy

    Love this

  • Pat Meyers

    I think you would look absolutely lovely and festive in the red one. Can I borrow the black one?

    • Now Pat, are you just voting for the red dress so that you can wear the black dress?

      • Pat Meyers

        Hmmmm. You would look lovely in the red dress. 🙂

  • Judy Hagey

    well…practically speaking, the black one looks like it would be warmer…and that seems to be a consideration. 🙂

    • Oh thank you Judy, I do want to be warm. It is cold in Pennsylvania in December.

  • Stacey

    Not sure my comment went through so here it is again.

    I would vote for the red one as well. It’s bright and fresh and festive.

    Tell me more about the walking? Are you going to walk a certain distance each day? For a certain time? Are you going to walk every day? I am thinking of committing to walking “with” you for these next 18 days. Before I do though, I want to make sure it’s something I can actually commit to. I would never want to let you down Pamela! =)

    • Hello Stacey,
      I didn’t see any other comments. Thank you for trying again, and thank you for your vote.

      The plan is to walk two miles a day for 18 days, starting today. It is really cold here and I haven’t walked yet today. That would be so cool to have a walking partner in Dublin, Ireland. Would you be up to walking that far? You would get me out of the house today, because I wouldn’t want to let you down. =)

      • Stacey

        You know what, let’s do it! I’m not sure I can get in two miles today but I will make a commitment to do it with you starting tomorrow (if not today) for sure! That will do me good as well! Yay for walking partners! Email me when you’ve walked. I will do the same. Stay warm! Have you ever tried putting baked potatoes in your pockets to keep your hands warm? I haven’t done it yet but my MN mother said it’s always a win. =)

        • Stacey, I have never put a baked potato in my pocket, but I have put a heated rock in the bottom of my sleeping bag at summer camp. This weekend I will buy some potatoes and try it.

          • Stacey

            Please let me know what happens. Plus, you have lunch ready upon your return. =) I have never thought of a rock. I might try it. =)

  • I was going to vote for the black one because I love the design of the skirt and I thought the red one would be kind of cold. (Did I really write that long of a sentence?)

    Then I saw Kathleen’s comment and had to laugh. So another option would be to wear the red one on top of the black one. That way you could be warm and stylish! 😀

    • Now the vote is tied and I will have to wear the gray sweat pants. Thank you for looking out for me Anastacia, the black dress will keep me warm. It will be very cold in Pennsylvania.

      Good idea to wear both dresses, I could be warm and stylist. I wonder which dress will get the most votes?

  • The red one! Sorry, but the black one kinda looks like something Cruella DeVille would wear.

    • Oh Kathleen, I laughed out loud. Me as Cruella DeVille. I just have to die half of my hair white and I am all set.