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You know you need to clean your house when…

Cleaning the floor with a rake

The past few weeks all I have done is write, and paint cats in the basement. This morning I woke up and wandered like a zombie through my house. Well, I am not sure how a zombie would wander. And, actually I don’t even know what a zombie is. Are they partially dead or partially alive?

Anyhow, I wandered through my house unsure of who lived here, and who made the mess. I didn’t write this morning, and I didn’t paint in the basement. It was time to clean. There were clues all over the house.

You  know you need to clean your house when:

1.You use a garden  rake on the carpet to pick up papers from a craft project.

2. Your kitchen floor looks like you are a dog groomer after you sweep all the dog and cat hair into a pile.

3. Your white carpet looks like it is a dark brown flower bed.

4. You drop radish seeds on your floor and they start to grow.

5. There is no clean silverware or plates. They are all dirty on the counter.

6. You consider driving to the store to buy new clothes because all of your clothes are in the laundry. (But then you remember you are not buying any clothes for 365 days, and you do your laundry.)

7. It is only 29 days to Christmas and if Santa comes in and sees a dirty house he will leave you a lump of coal, and a broom.

8. Your feet stick to the floor where someone spilled orange juice.

9. Your family is coming to dinner for Thanksgiving and you want them to be able to wear white socks on your kitchen floor.

How do you know it is time to clean your house? Or are you one of those people who cleans on a schedule? Please tell me in the comments. I would really like to chat.

I  clean only when it is needs it. Which is usually when I have company coming.

The cats in the basement.

The cats in the basement.


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  • Carol

    I’ve been “going to clean” all week. Tomorrow I am for sure doing it. Don’t want my soon to be home from college sons to know who really makes the messes at our house!

    • Carol,
      Did you get your house clean before your sons came home? You don’t want them to who makes the messes. That is so funny.
      I hope you have a nice holiday with your family.

  • Anita Ferreri

    What a wonderful post! I know it is time when the kitchen floor crunches as you walk!

    • Oh, a crunchy floor, that is a good sign it is time to clean. What crunches in your house? Corn flakes?

  • Jaana

    Cleaning on the schedule?? We have tried, but it never worked. I clean when people are coming over.Last weekend friends came to help; I feel so much less stress right now. Maybe I could even right a post about it??

    • Jaana, how special that friends help you clean. Weren’t you doing a renovation project? Yes, that would make a great post. If you write one, please stick the link here so we can read it.

  • Tara

    I thought you were joking about the rake in the living room…but, there it was! Such a funny post, Pamela. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Thank you Tara, I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving too!

  • Dana Murphy

    Your #1 reason actually made me laugh out loud! You weren’t kidding, either! Ha! I know I need to clean my house when my kids start naming the dust bunnies.

    • Hello Dana,
      You name your dust bunnies? That is so cute. Except then your children may not want you to get rid of them. 🙂

  • Meg

    My house only gets really clean when company is coming or in the summer when I first get out for summer vacation.

    • Hi Meg,
      Perhaps we should invite company to come over so we have an excuse to clean?

  • La McCoy

    The cats are coming along nicely!

  • You know your house is too dirty when there are no visible surfaces! Happens all the time at my house! And when there are dirty football socks on the end table 😉

    • Oh, that is a good one Kathleen. Now where did the counter go? And dirty football socks? Do you wear rubber gloves to pick them up?

  • margaret simon

    I hear you. I have help every other week on Thursday, so that means that there will be 4 weeks between cleaning. All I’ve done is sweep up the leaves off the kitchen floor. No company coming, so why bother.

    • Margaret, how did you get leaves on the kitchen floor?
      We don’t have company coming either, but it was getting hard for me to walk between the clutter on the floor, so it was time.
      I hope your turkey is delicious and not overcooked or dry. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • I’d definitely have to go with #2 – there is more fur on the floor than on my pet.

    • Oh how funny. You have the same hair problem. What pet do you have?Happy Thanksgiving Shelley!

  • Pamela, I LOVE your funny posts…Just so you know, writing NaNo I did not clean house either, but with only the two of us …my house ‘miraculously’ stayed clean. On Sunday I grabbed the vacuum cleaner and cleaned. Sparkling house again. You go girl…there are more important things than a clean house..only I think you take it a bit too far sometimes…
    Hugs, Patricia