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On December 1st my toys will come alive

On December 1st my toys will come alive.

On December first my toys will come alive.

My lion, tiger, leopard, elephant,and giraffe that I bought last week at Target for $3.00 each, will wander around my home looking for something to do. Perhaps they will be hungry? Maybe they want to watch television or paint a picture in my studio?

At the stroke on midnight on the last day of November, tonight,  an adventure will take place. The magic will last until Christmas Eve. The last day they will be able to walk the halls of my home ends on Christmas Day.

In the early morning my youngest daughter will search for them and see what they have been up to, and I will photograph where they end up, and write about it here.

Last week on the internet I saw photographs a parent took of their children’s dinosaurs that came alive for the month of November. The dinosaur adventure was so exciting . When I saw large plastic animals in the bottom bin in the dollar section of Target, there appeared to be animals that were different from the rest. Animals that wanted to live in my house and go on an adventure on December 1st.

Will my animals really come alive? Did I pick the right toys out of the toy bin?

What will the toys do? Where will they go? What mess will they make? Only time will tell. Be sure to check back in to see what the toys do at the stroke of midnight for the month of December.

Have your toys ever come alive? Please tell me in the comments. I REALLY want to know.


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