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Would you like to walk with women from all over the world next year?

Would you like to walk with women from all over the world next year? Walk every day for 365 days, starting on January 1st, 2014.  Walk to the end of your driveway, around the block, or walk to the moon and back. You decide how far. The main goal is to walk. Get fresh air […]

Did you need a time out today?

  It is ten at night, and I am really crabby. I forgot to eat today. Well, I did eat six oranges, and I kept meaning to open up a can of sardines and heat up some frozen peas. But I kept getting sidetracked. Meaning to eat and eating are not the same. I drove […]

My dad’s friend is 100 today

My mom called me tonight. “Pamela, Dr. Sinclair’s birthday is today. He is one hundred. Would you like to call him?” “Yes, I would mom. That would be nice.” “They are having a small party for him. His son Jim, will probably answer the phone.” My mom gave me Dr. Sinclair’s telephone number in North […]

Holy Messy Basement Superman! Pamela needs to read “Packing Light” by Allison Vesterfelt!

I overheard Batman and Superman talking this morning as I went in the basement to let out  Martha, the dog. “Holy Messy Basement Superman! Pamela needs to read Packing Light by Allison Vesterfelt.” “Batman, I think she already read the book! I think she needs help. This is a job for SUPERMAN!” I let out […]

The last time I saw my friend she was nine

The last time I saw Meredith she was living in Tokyo. She was nine. The year was 1990. I left Japan in August and flew to The United States to get married. Meredith wrote me letters and I wrote back. Meredith modeled in Tokyo, and I was a fashion photographer. I met her and her […]

Happy Birthday Jesus. What do you want for your birthday?

I wonder what Jesus would want for a birthday present if he came to my house for dinner tonight? Would he want an iPhone? Would he want a new computer? Or maybe he wants a new pair of shoes? If I made him a birthday cake  would he want chocolate or vanilla?  And how many […]

My father’s last Christmas

Today was spent paying bills and working on not taking any of this years mess into next year. And the Christmas Tree lights were left on all day. And today I didn’t write or think. I just did. I wrote our credit card number from our Health Savings Account onto pieces of paper and then […]

In three days Jesus will have a birthday

In three days Jesus will have a birthday. My children will wake up in the early hours of the morning and go downstairs to see the wrapped presents we placed under the tree the night before. They will go and see what Santa placed in their wool stockings they hung over the fireplace.  They will […]

It’s not beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my house

You know the song? The one that starts with the line, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Everywhere you go.” If you came into my house right now. Like, RIGHT NOW, before I had a chance to clean it up and hide the clutter, you would sing, “It’s beginning to look a lot like […]

“Mom, put your shirt on, you are embarrassing me!”

Yesterday I publicly said good-bye to my muffin top. Good-bye muffin top. When I took the photograph of my stomach yesterday I put on a pair of pants that were two sizes larger than I normally wear. I wanted to show you my stomach, but I wanted to still have it appear that it wasn’t […]