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My toys came alive at midnight last night! They like eggs!

The toys came alive at midnight last niight!

This morning when I woke up I was so excited to see if my toys really had come alive at midnight last night.

When I went to bed around ten o’clock they were on top of the bookcase.

I had heard that toys during the month of December come alive for a few minutes at midnight. Was it really true?

I didn’t see my giraffe, tiger, lion, leopard or elephant on top of the bookcase when I came downstairs.

Where could they have gone?

Oh well, I might as well eat my breakfast, then I will look for them.

And there they were. They were on the counter by the stove. The giraffe had an egg on his head, the elephant had an egg on his tusk, and the Lion was eating his egg fried. I guess the Lion likes his eggs over easy.

Help, I can't see!

Help, I can’t see!


Hey, I am stuck. Help me!

Hey, I am stuck. Help me!


I like my eggs over easy.

I like my eggs over easy.

Where was the leopard? Oh, he was eating his egg in the frying pan. Apparently he likes his eggs scrambled.

Scrambled eggs taste better.

Scrambled eggs taste better.

And the tiger? He likes to eat butter.

Butter! Butter! Butter!

Butter! Butter! Butter!

My daughter wasn’t awake yet. I wonder what she will think when she looks for the animals this morning? I had to leave for church while she was still sleeping. On the way home I called her on my cell phone.

“Mom, your toys ruined nine eggs.”

“Oh dear.”

‘You’re not mad? I thought for sure you would be mad.”

“Well, I can’t help what they do when I’m sleeping. They must have been really hungry.”

When I came home from church, the animals were all cleaned and standing on the island in the kitchen.

“Mom, the tiger made such a mess. It was so hard to get the butter out of his mouth.”

I wonder what they will do tonight when the clock strikes twelve? I will just have to wait like everyone else to find out. Hopefully they will sleep through the night.

Three Questions. Answer one of two or three, or none. Please tell me your answer in the comments.

  1. When you were a child did you ever wake up in the morning and one of your toys was sitting in a different spot? 
  2. Do you think they were running around your room while you slept? 
  3. And what would you like to name the Lion?

If you know a child, or someone young at heart, please consider sharing this story. December will be an exciting month as we follow the adventures of  The Lion, The Giraffe, The Tiger, The Elephant, and The Leopard.

The tiger just saw the butter dish.

The tiger just saw the butter dish.


The toys will come alive again this year, 2014, in December. They have their own facebook page: toycember. Like the page so you don’t miss the toys adventure. I wonder what they will do this year?


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  • Guest

    Fantastic article Pamela. To answer your questions – yes, my toys moved constantly. That was probably due to me not sleeping at night though. And the tiger’s name? Beurre.

    • Hello Guest.
      Now I am curious. Why didn’t you sleep at night? Did you sleep during the day? The tigers name? Beurre. That is a nice name.

  • Janelle

    How fun! Can’t wait to see what they all get up to this month,

  • Christa Sterken

    Pamela, this made me smile today. I named everything and imagined it moved. Even the spider on my ceiling has a name…Isom

    • So happy this little story made you smile. And hello to Isom. I wonder what your toys did at night?

      • Christa Sterken

        I can tell you what they DIDN’T do. Never once put themselves away… 🙂 Love your stories

        • Thank you Christa. My toys never put themselves away either. They still don’t.

  • The Lion’s name is Simba. My toys never moved neither did they have names. Not even my dolls…I wonder what that says about me.

    • Hello Patricia,
      My toys didn’t move when I was a child either. I don’t remember if I named my dolls. I think it says that you used your imagination somewhere else. Which is not a bad thing.

      • Glad to know that, Pamela. I thought I was weird, that too, probably.

  • Iya Hannum


    You are doing a beautiful thing. It reminds me of one of my favorite children’s books- the Velveteen Rabbit. Your tiger, lion, elephant, leopardor or giraffe could easily be the Skin Horse. And yes, dear friend, perhaps we can walk together, quite soon! Your borrowed idea is MUCH better than any Elf-on-the-shelf shenaginans 🙂 Keep up the good work, most excellent mother, you are creating a legacy!

    • Hello most excellent mother friend,
      The funny thing Iya, is I don’t know what the animals are going to do. When I come downstairs in the morning I am just as surprised as my children.
      How naughty is your Elf-on-the-shelf? Does he eat fried eggs like the lion?

  • I was a very nervous child. If I thought my toys were coming alive at night, I would have stopped sleeping altogether. And the Lion’s name is Larry, of course.

    • Larry it is. Thank you Kathleen.

      I won’t tell you your sons toys are coming alive at night, as I want you to get a good nights sleep. Oh, if only I didn’t mind driving for 4 hours, sneaking into your house, and putting Joe’s toys on the counter in the egg carton. But then, maybe Joe needs to have a little magic in his life in December.

  • La McCoy

    Who could beat Shelley!

  • What an EGG SITE ing morning!