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My toys came alive last night and emptied my bookcase


The toys emptied the bookcase last night.

This morning when I came downstairs to write, I was surprised to see my toys had emptied my bookcase and were reading a book. The Lion, Larry, and the giraffe, tiger,  leopard and  elephant were reading , The Pony Express by Steven Kroll. I wonder if they want to try and deliver mail? Maybe if I come downstairs tonight, I can catch them alive, and ask them.

The toys want to work for the Pony Express

Last night I completely forgot about my toys coming alive. When I was pruning my bushes I held one end of the pruners against my chest and pulled as hard as I could. The branch was cut, and I thought I broke my rib.

Pruning a bush

Last night I was positive a rib was floating around in my chest. I felt like a cow had stepped on me. Not that I have ever had a cow step on me, but I think that is what it would feel like. My friend took me to get x-rays, but there was nothing floating, just a bad bruise.

My x-rays, did I break a rib?

So this morning as I rolled out of bed, literally, I couldn’t sit up, I was slightly discouraged by how much my ribs hurt. But when I came downstairs, I had to smile.

There is magic in December. And no amount of pruning  or bruising will take away the joy of toys coming alive.

I wonder what the toys will do tonight? Do you have any ideas? Please tell me in the comments.

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  • La McCoy

    I like books too. I like to read late at nite too.

  • Pamela, at this rate your house will be wrecked by the end of December. Feed your toys some sleeping pills and lock them in the dolls house or basement at night… I am so glad I don’t have toys about.

  • Teresa Richardson

    I had a doll that moved about my room when I was young. She was a present from my mom and she looked like me
    Maybe the animals will try to model a piece of clothing accessory.

    • Teresa,
      I wonder what your doll did at night when you were sleeping? Perhaps she did some of your homework for you.
      Maybe the animals will model clothing. I don’t know what they will do. A bit of Christmas magic.

  • kathunsworth

    Ps I hope you are healing my friendxxxx

  • kathunsworth

    Pamela I hope you make this into a picture book I can visually see it, your vibrant brush strokes bringing these creatures alive at christmas time, for maybe a child who needs imagination to get through christmas….I would love to see this……

    • Kath,
      What a fun idea. This shall be a book when it is done, a little bit of Christmas magic. Thank for the idea. 🙂