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I almost caught my toys alive! What were they doing?

My toys came alive at midnight!

I almost caught my toys alive! What were they doing?

Nepeta, the youngest kitten scratched on my door at 3:40 this morning. Yes, that’s right, THREE FORTY . She must have been lonely. Really, I think she just likes to use the litter box in my bedroom. There are six other litter boxes in the house, but she prefers the one behind the chair in the corner of my room.

I tucked the cat under one arm and carried her downstairs . I was going to put her in the laundry room for the rest of the night. That’s weird, do I hear water running? The kitchen sink faucet was on at the highest speed and the sink was filling up with soap bubbles!

What’s happening?  What’s going on? 

I thought I saw something moving in the sink. I ran over and turned off the water.

Hey! Whats going on here?  The elephant has a new blue Scotch-Brite, Non-Scratch, scrub sponge stuck on her tusks. The giraffe has soap bubbles on her head.  Larry the lion and the cheetah were squeezing the bottle of Joy dish soap into the sink. Oh dear, it looks like I need to get a new bottle, the label is almost worn off.  And the tiger was holding up a silver pasta ladle. Wait a minute!  They must have found my sponges in the cabinet. They opened all of them!

Ah! I have soap in my eye!

Ah! I have soap in my eye!

I am washing the silverware with my feet.

I am washing the silverware with my feet!


We are praying for Joy and Andrew too.*

We are praying for Joy and Andrew too.*

Is all your silverware in here?

Is all your silverware in here?

Did I just imagine I saw something move in the sink? I thought I saw movement. Maybe the elephant was trying to get out of the water? The water was almost up to the elephant’s mouth. The giraffe would have been fine, she has a long neck.

Wait, a minute! I almost caught my toys alive!

In December, at midnight, my toys come alive and wander around my house looking for something to do. So far they have made fried eggs, emptied my bookcase, and toilet papered my writing desk. And tonight I found them in the kitchen sink at 3:40 a.m.

Or maybe they become toys again as soon as a person walks into the room. Oh, no! they were washing my silverware. If I had waited another forty minutes, they would have washed all of my silverware. And maybe they would have dried them too!

Maybe Larry the lion, the elephant, and the giraffe and tiger and cheetah felt bad for toilet-papering my writing desk yesterday? Were they trying to be kind to me?

Last night when I went to bed, there was a pot full of dirty silverware in the sink. I was going to let them soak overnight. “Sigh,” I said to Pooh, my cat, “I hate washing silverware.”

The toys don’t move during the day, but maybe they can hear!

Today, I need to say at least one hundred times in front of my toys. ” I hate cleaning my basement.  I hate cleaning my basement. I hate cleaning my basement.  I hate cleaning my basement. ” ( Just imagine I said that one hundred times. After reading it four times, you might already be bored reading it.)

Yawn, I’m very tired. I think I’ll go back to bed.

I wonder what they will do tonight?

What do you think they will do? Please tell me in the comments. I really want to know what you think.

Good-night toys. I am very tired.

Good-night toys.  Please blow out the candles.

P.S.* I use Joy dish soap to remind me to pray for my friend Joy and her son Andrew. You can read their story here. It is time for a new bottle of Joy

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  • freya

    Maybe they were swimming then the sliverware fell in? I think the gireffe is called Bethany

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  • La McCoy

    Mama Hodges,
    I do not understand why any one would spread soapy water all over them selves. I do not like it. I do not like it at all. It takes me weeks to get my scent right them Mom pours soapy water on me and I have to start all over on my scent.
    Just saying’
    Maybe Larry knows. Please ask him.

  • Robn Patrick

    You are so lucky that your toys take baths. Ok, so they made a mess but it was a CLEAN mess. Imagine if they were up to their shenanigans as stinky wild life!