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My toys found the box of Christmas ornaments last night. They came alive again!

My toys found my Christmas ornaments!

My toys found my Christmas ornaments. They came alive again!

Last night when I went to bed, by toys were on top of my bookcase. The lion, cheetah, giraffe, tiger and elephant were all clean from washing my silverware the night before. My toys have come alive every night at the stroke of midnight in December. So far they have fried eggs, took books off of my bookcase, toilet papered my writing desk and washed the dishes.

My youngest daughter and I got back from her Christmas play rehearsal around nine o’clock. She wanted to decorate the Christmas tree as soon as we got home.

“Mom, please, please, please, can we decorate the Christmas tree tonight?”

“Not tonight, it’s too late. We will decorate the tree tomorrow night.”

“Please Mama. I don’t want to wait.”

This conversation went back and forth a few times, please, no, please, no, please, no. And it stayed at no.

This morning when I came downstairs it looked like there was light coming from the living room. The sun hadn’t risen yet, it was black outside. Didn’t I turn off all the lights last night?

I walked down the hallway and turned right at the kitchen towards the family room.

Oh, my. The bottom half of the Christmas tree was covered in lights, and ornaments were hanging from the bottom branches.

What happened to the Christmas tree? We didn't decorate it yet!

What happened to the Christmas tree? We didn’t decorate it yet!

Who did this? What’s going on?

And then I saw them.

My toys. Frank, the lion had on a red Santa hat. He was trying to hang an ornament. The cheetah, Willow, had a wreath around her neck. It looked like she was about to hang an ornament. The giraffe, Margaret, and the elephant, Edward had ornaments around their necks.


Where are the candy canes? I am hungry.

Where are the candy canes? I ‘m hungry.

May I please have a candy cane?

May I please have a candy cane?


I can almost reach the branch!

I can almost reach the branch!

Where is my candy cane?

Where is my candy cane?


Hey guys. I found a candy cane to share!

Hey! I found a candy cane to share!

Where is the tiger? Oh no!  The tiger, Bob, was tangled up in the lights! Poor Bob. But, he did find a candy cane!

Did the toys hear Timber say she wanted to decorate the tree? 

I think the toys were trying to be kind to Timber. Oh, I wish they would be nice to me. The basement is such a mess. My kitchen floors need to be washed, and my cloth napkins need to be folded.

I did want to paint the stairwell to the basement a different color. Oh dear! I had better not say that out loud! Who knows what my toys might do.

What do you think they will do tonight? Please tell me in the comments.

Maybe your toys will come alive tonight too!

Everything you can imagine is real.
― Pablo Picasso

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Oh dear. I said toycember five times in the last three sentences. (And I don’t even want to think how many exclamation points I used in this story. I just can’t help it!)

And a shout out to Timber, my youngest, she gets all the credit for thinking of the name for the toys adventure. Thank you Timber!

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  • Winnie

    There are no candy canes in China either 🙁

    • Winnie, what flavor of candy cane do you like? I will buy you one when you come home.

      • Winnie

        Peppermint are my favorite 🙂 The original ones 🙂

  • I love this series. So fun as we have no idea what they will do next. I will enjoy sharing these with my little ones.

    • Thank you Anne. I wonder what they will next too. I hope your little ones enjoy the stories.

  • You have candy canes – we cannot find candy canes anywhere in our little town. Our tree, a real live christmas tree stands on the patio without any ornaments. My son, Peter wants only candy canes.

    • La McCoy

      Can you make candy canes.
      They will not be candy but you could make them of all sorts of things. Red. White paper. Foils. Christmas wrap???
      Wires. Pipe cleaners.
      Other hooks?

      • Your’e a star. I’ll do that, La. My son wanted real candy canes so that as he walk by the tree he plucks one from a branch and eat it. We found some eventually. They are a bit small and the tree looks bare. I will make more, as you suggested. Merry Christmas!

        • Candy canes on the tree sound wonderful. Our dog might eat them, so we don’t have any on the tree.