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My toys know how to spell! They want popcorn!

My toys want popcorn!

My toys want popcorn!

This morning when I came downstairs to write, I found my toys busy at my computer. They were in the middle of leaving me a note.

They want popcorn!

Maybe my toys were looking for popcorn yesterday when they emptied out my pantry. I wonder? 

My toys come alive in the month of December!

At the stroke of midnight, they look for adventure in my home.

This month they have eaten fried eggs, emptied out my bookcase, toilet papered my desk, washed the silverware, decorated the Christmas tree, made Christmas cookies, eaten breakfast with the cats, had a snowball fight, emptied out the pantry and written a note on the computer.


The tiger just saw the butter dish.The toys emptied out the bookcase.

The toys toilet papered my writing desk.My toys came alive at midnight!

The toys decorated the Christmas tree.My toys came alive and made cookies.

Pooh Hodges, from thecatwhowrites.com, eats breakfast with the toys.My toys had a snowball fight. Girls against the boys.

The toys emptied out my pantry!The toys came alive at midnight again. They want popcorn with butter.


What do you think my toys will do tonight?

If you have an idea. Please tell me in the comments.

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  • La McCoy

    Dear Mama Hodges,
    I like popcorn a lot.
    Please have the toys mail me some.