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What world will your imagination take you to today?

The toys came alive at midnight and made popcorn!

The toys came alive at midnight and made popcorn!

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere. ― Carl Sagan

Where do you want to go? What world do you want to create?

Once upon a time there was no Neverland and no Peter Pan until J.M. Barrie imagined it. And there was no Winnie The Pooh or Piglet and no Hundred Acre Wood  until A.A. Milne imagined it.

Once upon a time, sailors navigated their ships by the stars until Isaac Newton imagined a way to measure the angle between two visible objects and the sextant was invented.

Once upon a time there were was no internet, no desktop computer, no telephone,  no television, no prozac, no car, no wheel, and no fire. Someone used their imagination and created a new world.

Did you leave your imagination in grade school?

When you left kindergarten did you leave your imagination behind in your desk when your graduated and went to first grade. Or did you leave your imagination in your locker when you graduated from high school and became an adult.

Do you think that if you image something you become childish? And if you are childish you are not serious? Do you think all adults have to be serious to be taken seriously?

You can be silly and still be an adult. You can use your imagination.

Your imagination can take you to new worlds. Or you can go nowhere. [ tweet tweet ]

With your imagination you can create new machines, find new planets, or have toys that come alive at midnight for the month of December.

My toys like popcorn! They  made popcorn last night when they came alive.

My toys  made popcorn last night when they came alive!

What world will your imagination take you to today? Please tell me in the comments. I would love to know where you went.


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You are an artist. Yes, you are. Really.

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  • Teresa Richardson

    I want to climb on an eagle’s back and ride high into the sky

    • Teresa,

      That sound like so much fun.

      Have you seen this video of an eagle flying?

  • Janelle

    I love how much fun you are having with your toys this month! Hmmm, the other day my youngest son went into the post office to get the mail and when he came back to the vehicle and opened the door, we all squirted his with water guns. I don’t know how imaginative it was, but it was fun and made the passersby on the sidewalk laugh:)

    • Hello Janelle,
      Having fun is very imaginative. Sounds like you really have fun with your sons!
      I haven’t been able to find my toys yet this morning. I wonder where they went?

  • Winnie

    I think the used too much butter…

    • Hi Winnie,
      Can we ever really use too much butter? I will make you popcorn when you come home from China. We can watch Charlie Brown’s Christmas together.

      • Winnie

        That sounds lovely! I have only had popcorn a few times in China, they don’t really eat it much here…

  • La McCoy

    Dear Mama Hodges,
    I sure hope you have the toys mail me some pop corn.

    • Good Morning Edelweiss,
      I will try and mail you popcorn. Butter or no butter?
      Love Mama Hodges

      • La McCoy

        Butter is delicious Mama Hodges,
        I am excited and will wait by the mailbox.
        Except if i have to bark.
        Love Edelwiess.