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Winter Storm Electra helped me clean out my garage

Winter Storm Electra helped me clean out my garage.

Tomorrow is always the best day to clean your garage. If you think you will do it tomorrow, then you can relax today and not have to worry about where to put your boxes, and you can avoid deciding what to keep and what to get rid of.

My garage had boxes in it all summer. I kept meaning to sort though the boxes , but I wasn’t in any hurry, we didn’t have to park our cars in the garage because it was nice outside, and I could always sort tomorrow.

Saturday morning, December 14th, I woke up at 5:00 a.m. and realized.

The only way to be different is to act differently.

I also realized Winter Storm Electra was coming.  There was a 100% chance  she would deliver 2-4 inches of snow and ice, and I wanted to park our vehicles in the garage.

Tomorrow is today.

(Or tomorrow was yesterday, because that’s when I cleaned my garage. And now today is yesterday’s tomorrow.)

I never put off till tomorrow what I can possibly do – the day after.
― Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde would not put off cleaning out his garage, if cars had been invented yet, if there was a snow storm coming.

Winter Storm Electra helped me clean my garage

Thank you Winter Storm Electra. I cleaned my garage because of you. Boxes were taken to the thrift store, and bicycle hooks were bought to hang bikes. (We still have to hang the bikes. Maybe I will hang them tomorrow.)

What helps you stop procrastinating? Please tell me in the comments, I need help finding a reason to clean out my basement. A winter storm doesn’t make a difference downstairs.


“Holy Mackerel Pamela, thank you so much for getting our cars in the garage. Our cars would be one sheet of ice if they weren’t in the garage,” said Nick, my husband, a few minutes ago.


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  • Great job Pamela, you did it! You could be a professional organizer!

    • Oh dear Kathleen, I did get the cars in, but some of the stuff is in my living room. Look out for Part 2 of the garage cleaning storm adventure tomorrow.

  • Greg Narayan

    Your cat blog is hilarious; I think my cat found it…

    So, no longer a Dear Blogger fan Pamela? 🙁 Lots going on over there this coming week and hope you can join in. Sorry for any chaos, apparently I stink at running a company AND at sending a newsletter, but I shall persevere.

    Keep writing. Cya later

    • Hello Greg,
      Once a Dear Blogger fan, always a Dear Blogger fan. 🙂 I am excited to see what you are up to this week.

      So nice to hear from you.

      • Greg Narayan

        Lots of Adsense talk…boring 🙂

  • Getting new flooring in the kitchen helped me clean out my cabinets.Not sure if that would help with your basement, however. I’m a huge procrastinator. 🙂

    • I like that idea, I will talk to Nick about getting new flooring in the kitchen. It is worth a try!