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“Mom, put your shirt on, you are embarrassing me!”

The muffin top

Yesterday I publicly said good-bye to my muffin top.

Good-bye muffin top.

When I took the photograph of my stomach yesterday I put on a pair of pants that were two sizes larger than I normally wear. I wanted to show you my stomach, but I wanted to still have it appear that it wasn’t all that bad. Why would I want to put on the pants that were so tight I couldn’t breath in them?

Some of my friends couldn’t see my muffin top in the  photograph I showed yesterday. But, I know it is there. And, soon it will be gone.

The muffin top that was trying to hide in a bigger pair of pants

The muffin top was trying to hide in a bigger pair of pants

I wanted to show you I had a muffin top, but I didn’t want to show you how bad it really was.

Do you find yourself pretending a problem isn’t as bad as it really is? Well, some of my friends have bigger muffin tops than me. Mine is not that big. I can still see my toes. 

But tomorrow comes and you eat another gallon of ice-cream, or another bag of potato chips, or sleep all day and don’t go for the walk you said you would go on.

Today I walked around the house in my old jeans and a sports bra trying to take a good picture of my muffin top, photographing my stomach from different angles, trying to be as honest as I can with my before picture.

“Mom, put your shirt on, you are embarrassing me!”

“I have to be honest in this photograph. This is the real muffin top, not a pretend one.”

The muffin top has to go

You can keep buying a new pair of jeans one size bigger, and when those get tight, you buy one size up, and then one size up, and then one size up.

I bought one size up last summer.

Now is time to get back in my old jeans.

Today I publicly declare that I am not just getting rid of my muffin top I am waging war on my muffin top. The one I tried to hide yesterday.

Muffin Top! You killed my waistline! Prepare to die! 

Good bye muffin top. Good-bye.

Do you have a muffin top you want to say good-bye to? Please tell me in the comments. I would love to chat.


Would you like to join me and walk every day for 365 days? 

You don’t have to run everyday, or walk a mile everyday, you just need to walk every day. It could be for one mile, it could be around the block, or it might only be as far as the end of your driveway and back. (You can start when you read this, or start on January first, or start on February 2nd, just start.)

I will be creating a private facebook group, Walk 365 for 2014. You can reply to this email if you are a subscriber to my blog, or send me your email address: [email protected] (dot) com. and I will add you to the facebook group.

And you don’t have to be perfect to be in this facebook group. If you miss a day, just keep on going and walk the next day. Lets get healthy and walk. All around the world, Lets Do  It!


Photo bombed by my daughter Piper, and a bagel.

Muffin tops and a teenage daughter


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  • Bravo Kathleen,
    Good bye Muffin top! Good bye!

  • jane williams

    okay, I give, 365 days of walking,… intentionally, right? not just to the coffeemaker and back? sign me up.

    • I shall sign you up Jane! We will walk intentionally!

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  • Pamela, you scare me. Are you running out of topics? LOL. You certainly are very brave to put that picture on your blog. I have a little one too – but i work my ass off in the gym to get rid of it.

    But like my clever son remarked – what is a little tummy when you are healthy, exercise and still love to eat good food and drink good wine. Life is to short to starve oneself. As long as you are happy with the way you look and is healthy then muffin top or not – who cares.

    ps – i hate mine but i like to eat and drink wine.


    • Oh Patricia,
      I didn’t mean to scare you. I thought if I was really honest it would help my will power.
      Mostly I eat sardines and drink water. My weakness is pounds and pounds of strawberries and whipped cream in season.
      Your son is very clever. I should listen to him too.

  • Teresa Richardson

    Yes, I do have a muffin top I need to get rid of

    • Teresa,
      Would you like to walk with the walkers next year? The Walk 365 for 2014? We can walk our Muffin Tops away.

  • Alison Alison

    ahhh! that’s better. The reality of the jeans(my favorite attire) and also my reality!!

    • Yes, the real muffin top. I can usually hide it with jeans a size bigger and a large sweater.
      But it has been exposed now and shall be banished.