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Did you need a time out today?


Did you forget to eat today?

It is ten at night, and I am really crabby. I forgot to eat today. Well, I did eat six oranges, and I kept meaning to open up a can of sardines and heat up some frozen peas. But I kept getting sidetracked. Meaning to eat and eating are not the same.

I drove my daughter to an appointment, then to the post office to get a post office box, dropped off a parcel to be shipped , went shopping for groceries, than came home and cleaned the seven litter boxes, worked on the cover design for my book, The Artist’s Manifesto, and took down the Christmas tree.

Oh, I ate popcorn too, and read one chapter in Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink.

But I forgot to eat protein and real food.

So, at ten o’clock at night my family kept asking me, “Are you okay?”

“No, I am not okay. Please don’t talk to me. I need a time out.”

Whenever we feel overwhelmed by the amount that needs to be done, or caught up in a moment of anger, we need to take time out for peace of mind. — Robert Alan Silverstein

Here is my supper, Season Brand, Imported Sardines, all natural, wild caught, sustainably harvested, skinless and boneless in pure olive oil with steamed organic peas.

Did you forget to eat today?

Food and a time out.

Now I feel better.

It’s a good idea to take a time out.

Don’t yell at your family, remove yourself, eat a few sardines and peas and take a time out.

Now to wash my dish and go to bed.

You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

What do you do when you get crabby? Do you take a time out? Please tell me in the comments. I would really love to chat.

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  • Go for a walk on the beach OR pick a fight with hubby….haha.

  • kathunsworth

    I hope you feel replenished and ready for the year of art ahead! Happy new year my friend, moroccan lamb pizza (home made for me tonight) Going on a health kick after that!

    • Hello Kath,
      I am all replenished and ready for a year of art. I love the idea of making art. Your homemade lam pizza sounds delicious! We had waffles and bacon.
      How are your cows?

  • La McCoy

    I like peas a lot. Hubby does not. I eat peas when ever I can.

    • I eat them every day for breakfast with my sardines. But, alas, I am all out and this morning I have to eat green beans.

      • La McCoy

        I do not like green beans that much. I do eat them because they are around. I’ve got to look into peas.

  • Bernadette Laganella

    I talk to myself. Sort of goes like this….Boy are you cranky today Bern. I’ll bet you will be really happy that you wasted today being in such a bad mood.”

    • Yes, Bernadette, being cranky is a waist of a day.