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Would you like to walk with women from all over the world next year?

walk 354 in 2014

Would you like to walk with women from all over the world next year?

Walk every day for 365 days, starting on January 1st, 2014. 

Walk to the end of your driveway, around the block, or walk to the moon and back.
You decide how far.
The main goal is to walk.

Get fresh air in your lungs, get out of the house, and move.
No rules.
Perfection is not the goal.
If you miss a day, walk the next day.
Don’t quit.

If you are tired, or sick,
 walk to the end of your driveway and back.
Or walk to the bathroom
and get back in bed.

Walk 365 in 2014.

Here are two PDF’s you can use to circle the day you walked.

Walk365for 2014#2

Walk365for 2014

Come and walk with women from Ireland, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, Canada, Australia and several different states in The United States: California, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, Illinois, Oregon, and Georgia. 

I am not a runner, and I don’t walk very fast. I was not on the basketball team in high school and would never be considered athletic. But, I can walk.

When I was trying to walk every day for 17 days to fit  into a dress I wanted to wear to my husbands Christmas party, my friend in Ireland, Stacey, offered to walk with me. You can read about it here: Walking with my friend in Ireland with a hot potato in my pocket. If Stacey hadn’t offered to encourage me by walking with me, I wouldn’t have walked every day.

Her friendship and company kept me walking. We were on different continents, but we walked “together.”

That is where I got the idea to Walk 365 in 2014, with women around the world.

If you would like to be included in the private facebook group for women walkers,  Walk 365 in 2014, please reply in the comments or email me:[email protected] (dot)com, and I will add  you.

I hope you join us.

You can also put this button on your blog, or print it out and put it on your fridge.

walk 354 in 2014


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  • Donna Wagoner

    Can I start late?

    • Good Morning Donna,
      Of course you can. Today is always the best day to start. I will add you to the group.

  • mb

    I’m doing this too! (Weird collective consciousness…it came to me on a walk in February, so I’m only on walk 35.) please add me to your group. I’m blogging my walks here http://walkeverydayforayear.blogspot.com/ please add me to your group

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  • mirda

    I’m an Ohio walker! My goal is to walk at least a mile a day in 2014!

  • Amy Rudd

    I cant walk every day but will be happy to share with you the days i do! This is a great idea!

  • Bonnie Kaplan

    What a great idea Pamela. I’m going to try swimming this year!

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  • Samantha Jo Wallace Johns

    Love it! Would like to be part of it 🙂

  • Lucie

    Sign me up, Pamelita.

    • You are all signed up Lucie. Please introduce yourself to the group. Come and meet my Mom. Her name is Berdeane.

      • Lucie

        Uh, not sure how to get in it….