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The BIG reveal: How many peanuts are in a bag of Delta Airlines Peanuts

How many peanuts are in a bag of Delta Airlines Peanuts.

Yesterday I flew on Delta Airlines from Philadelphia to Minneapolis. The flight took two hours and twenty minutes. During the flight I was offered a choice of peanuts, pretzels or cookies. I chose the peanuts.

The bag weighs .42 oz. The peanuts are lightly salted and considered one serving.

I wonder?

How many peanuts are in the bag..

Yesterday I asked the big question on my blog.

How many peanuts are in a bag of Delta Airlines peanuts?

Several people guessed.

Did you guess?

I had guesses of: 11, 24, 20, 19, 37, 12,30, 10, 30,14, 10, 8-10, 15-18, 17, 5 and 15.5.

What do you think?

Take a guess before you watch the video if you want an official PDF certificate  that you can print out at home,  “I Guessed How Many Peanuts Were In A Bag of Delta Airlines Peanuts.”


Thank you for guessing.

And the winner’s are Irene Smith, my Aunt, who guessed 15 to 18 peanuts, and Lee Behrens, who writes at atypicalamatuer.com who guessed 15.5 peanuts.

Now to eat my peanuts.

One at a time.

They will last longer that way.

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Delta Airline Peanuts

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  • Robn Patrick

    But, were these whole peanuts or halves? Either way it’s rather sad that you would be served 15 peanuts in a package! The guessing was fun though. I would have been over because my guess was going to be 26 or 36. I couldn’t make up my mind. I think the moral of the story is bring your own food on a flight!

    • I guessed 30. I think 15 is not enough.

      • I was going to guess 10. I agree with you Robin and Eva. 15 peanuts are not enough. The peanuts had been broken apart. There were 15 complete peanuts when I counted 2 halves as one peanut.
        When we fly back this weekend, I will bring my own bag of peanuts. The airline did provide lots of water to drink and free soda and apple juice. So I can drink water after I eat my peanuts.

  • My glass was only half full, because I’m drinking more water. There should have been 30 peanuts in that bag of peanuts. They are only lightly salted, but they would have made me thirsty enough to drink the other half of my glass of water. Then my glass would be empty. Not enough peanuts. Now, I’ll have to go eat my unsalted pecans.

    • Good Morning Eva,
      It appears that your glass of water at different times of the day could be full or empty.
      Now I am hungry for peanuts and thirsty for water. 🙂

  • La McCoy

    Oh fun! I should have written Edels guess. But she jus wouldn’t say. Frequent flyer was wrong!

    • Hello Laura,
      It appears that Edel, your dog is better at guessing. You will still get an official certificate.

  • Kurt Poole

    Ok, I feel deceived… You didn’t say whole peanuts… This is rigged…Your bag was only half full, that’s all I can think of….. This was a nice distraction. Thanks, and congrats to the winners!!

    • Kurt,
      That is an interesting question. How do you count a peanut? Is a peanut two pieces of a half. Or is a peanut that comes out of a shell count as four halves or two wholes.
      Do I count fragments?
      Thank you for guessing Kurt. 🙂

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