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Betsy Hodges, my sister-in-law, became The Mayor of Minneapolis today

Betsy Hodges becomes the Major of Minneapolis today

Betsy Hodges in first grade.

Betsy Hodges is my sister-in-law, she is my husband’s sister, she is my children’s Aunt, and she is the daughter of my mother and father-in-law, A.J. and Morrison Hodges.

She is the wife of Gary Cunningham and the step-mother to his two children. She is the step-grandmother to her four grandchildren.

She is the Mayor to the people of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is the Mayor to all the people of Minneapolis,not just the people who have big cars and big houses and large bank accounts.

Betsy is also the little girl who made a Christmas ornament for her parents out of a lid. She glued a piece of gold felt to the inside of a yellow jar lid. She glued red sparkly glitter around her school picture. On the back of the lid she glued green felt and a cut out white snow flake and red glitter.

Betsy Hodges made an ornament

Betsy Hodges in First Grade

The jar lid has hung on her parents Christmas tree  every year since Betsy was in first grade. I noticed it on the Christmas tree yesterday.

Betsy Hodges made a Christmas tree ornamnet

Betsy Hodges made a snow flake ornament

Today, January 6th, 2014, Betsy’s family sat in the front two rows in the Minneapolis City Hall rotunda and watched Betsy get sworn in as Mayor of Minneapolis.

Betsy Hodges gets sworn in as Mayor of Minneapolis

Betsy Hodges gets sworn in as Mayor of Minneapolis

As I watched Betsy get sworn in as Mayor I thought of the Christmas ornament hanging on Betsy’s parents Christmas tree. I thought of the little girl who made the ornament.  The little girl who cut out the yellow felt and glued it on an old jar lid. The little girl who wore a white cotton shirt and a vest with a kitten on it. The little girl who had a ribbon in her hair.

The little girl who smiled for the camera.

After Betsy was sworn in Betsy and Gary hosted a family lunch. During the lunch Betsy had to leave early to get her photograph taken. Her official photograph as Mayor. She wore a white cotton blouse and a brown suit.

She smiled for the camera.

Betsy is still the same little girl who smiled for the photographer in first grade.

Betsy Hodges loves her parents who she made the ornament for, and she loves the people of the city of Minneapolis.

And I love her.

Congratulations Betsy.


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  • I am so impressed by your S-I-L, without even knowing here, that she would want to be the mayor of a big city like Minneapolis. I hope she is a good mayor and I hope the city treats her well.

  • Pamela,

    What a sweet post. I love how you gave us a little history about Betsy and brought it all the way up to her present happenings. And yet, it still had a taste of her past as her little ornament still hung on her parent’s Christmas tree, still gave them joy. How fun that you got to go and be a part of this.

  • La McCoy

    Whoo. Hoo. Go Betsy.

  • Christa Sterken

    What a beautiful way to celebrate her, and tie it back to the girl she was. Something we can all relate to and be encouraged by

  • Mariaselke

    That is amazing! I love how you went through all her many important roles. Congrats to your sister-in-law!

  • Anita Ferreri

    Yes indeed congrats to her! I was thinking of the multiple intersecting identiies we all have as I read your post……

  • Joanne Toft

    Glad to have her lead the team in Minneapolis! I loved RT but am so happy that Besty is now there to continue the work! Looking forward to her work with the Minneapolis Public Schools. 🙂

  • Jaana

    Congratulations to your family and Betsy!

  • Nancy Hatcher

    Really, really cool. Congratulations to Betsey and your whole family. I know that she will do great things. I’m sure you will be there encouraging and offering your funny bits of kitty wisdom. xo

  • Kay McGriff

    I love how you combine the memories of the little girl with who Betsy has become today. I wish her well in her new role as Mayor of Minneapolis!

  • Bonnie Kaplan

    Wow is that totally cool! We want updates as she gets her feet wet. Where does she stand on public education 🙂

  • Abiola Olaleye

    Congratulations to Betsy, she seemed like a very nice and grounded person.