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A glass of water with no ice feels like love

A glass of water with no ice.

Kindness, I’ve discovered, is everything in life.
― Isaac Bashevis Singer

We were eating out for lunch and my husband asked me, “Can I get you anything?”

“A glass of water please.”

I wondered if he would remember I don’t like ice in my water.

He brought me a glass of water with no ice in it.

I felt loved.

My husband Nick was paying attention to small details. He likes his water with lots of ice, but he brought me my glass of water the way I liked it.

Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.
― Henry James

Sitting in the restaurant with my little glass of water, I felt loved. He could have taken a small box out of his pocket with a gold ring  set with a ruby stone, and I would not have felt more loved than with my little plastic cup with water in it.

He asked if I wanted something. He got me what I asked for, and he didn’t put ice in the cup.

A small act of kindness.

A glass of water with no ice feels like love. 

What feels like love to you? Please tell me in the comments, I would love to chat.

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  • Valorie MacDonald

    I have always thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if Hubby were to make me coffee in the morning, since I am an absolute coffee fiend and a night owl, while he is a natural early bird??
    And I am a night owl who is forced to rise early every weekday morning throughout nearly two decades of parenthood!?!?
    Wouldn’t it be nice???”
    BUT you and Patricia have reminded me just how nice it is that my JOB is raising our four precious little (and not so little anymore!) duckys, because Early Bird Hubby is such a committed hard.working provider and wants me to be able to do the mom.thing as is my heart’s desire…for the past two decades!!!
    Thank you ladies! I’m going to message him to say thank you… at present he’s up in the Texas Hill Country, working and providing while I’m working and holding it down here on the home.front;) And next time he has to get up extra early I’ll set an alarm and make HIM coffee while he’s in the shower!

    • And did you make him coffee, Valorie? We Do have nice husbands.
      We just need a reminder now and again, from our dear friend, Pamela.

      • Valorie MacDonald

        Not yet, Patricia. He returns home tomorrow and I have decided to have a nice pot of his favorite tortellini/veggie soup ready for his arrival!)

        • Enjoy your husband’s home coming. Mine is making risotto tonight, his speciality and my favorite dish. I’m leaving tomorrow and will see him in two weeks.

          • Valorie MacDonald

            Sounds like a lovely evening, and a lovely jaunt, as well…Happy trails! Two weeks? Business or pleasure?

  • I too don’t like ice in my water. I only drink water at room temp. As did my grandmother. James bring me fresh carrot, ginger and celery juice every morning. He loves to cook, so I very seldom have to cook. And he rubs lotion on my back after a shower. He works very hard so that I don’t have to work.
    Wow, he is i nice guy, I should appreciate him more. I ‘ll tell him as soon as this comment is posted.

    • Hello Patricia,
      Did you tell him?
      We like our water the same. I have never had fresh juice. That sounds delicious. James sounds so sweet. A real nice guy.
      I hope you have a fun day, drinking juice and getting lotion on your back.

      • No, actually I did not tell him yet. Mmmm, I will tell him today. He’s a nice guy. All my friends agree on that score. When we argue EVERYONE takes his side. The poor man is married to a difficult woman.

    • Valorie MacDonald

      Thanks for the reminder, Patricia!)

  • At times, I will go into my office and there will be a little flower in some water placed where I can see it. When fall yields its lovely colors in the leaves I know one day he’ll bring outside inside as he places a tiny subbranch with a few leaves on it.

    Or when he goes to the library and among his magazines are one or two for me. He knows the ones I like.

    • Anne,
      Your husband is a sweetheart. He loves you.

  • Alison Alison

    With all the busyness of life ,he gave you the desire of your heart.He remembered to live in the present.

    • Yes he did, didn’t he. A little gesture, but it meant so much.

  • kathunsworth

    Hey Pamela that is so sweet, I guess the way my hubby never gives up on us and all our challenges with a beautiful boy with autism. We have some very hard days, but he will take my hand at the end of the day and I know we can get through another one together. It is the little gestures that matter most.

    • Hello Kath,
      How sweet that your husband will take your hand at the end of the day. Some days are harder than others, not giving up, and facing the challenges of life with autism.
      Thank you Kath, for the reminder of how important it is to face the challenges of life together.

  • Acts of service: when I come home from work and my husband has built a cheery little fire in the fireplace; when he puts gas in my car; when he lets me sleep in and makes sure Joe gets out the door. Love.

    • Yes, acts of service. Especially gas in the car. I love the little things.

  • La McCoy

    I like ice. My family remembers the ice when we go out. It is love.

    • Hello Laura,
      Yes, it is love. I will always serve your water with ice.