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Ignore the dishes and the laundry and made a snowman

Make a snowman

My daughter put on her snow pants and her coat.  She sat on the couch in the living room watching me eat my breakfast. She was waiting for me to finish eating my peas and sardines so we could go outside and make a snowman.

After I ate my breakfast I went upstairs to get a pair of socks. I brought down a hamper full of dirty clothes too.

I wanted to load the dishwasher and put a load of laundry in the washing machine before I went outside. The dishwasher and the washing machine could be running while I was outside playing in the snow with my daughter.

Ignore the dirty dishes and make a smowmanIgnore the laundry and build a snowman

She sat on the stairs by the front door waiting for me.




I didn’t load the dishwasher.

I didn’t put a load of clothes in the washing machine.

I put on my snow pants and my boots and my coat and my hat and my mittens.

We made a snowman.

I wanted to let her know she was more important than my dirty dishes and my dirty laundry.

I wanted to stop saying, “Just a minute.”

What about you? Did you make a snowman today? Please tell me in the comments. I would love to chat.

We made a snowman


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  • No snow here in Hermanus either, Pamela. Mid summer.
    I’m glad you did go out to build a snow man. I have still have regrets about all those …”in a minute’s….”
    You won’t have them and I am so glad for that.
    Love, Pxx

  • Abiola Olaleye

    No snow over here (how sad) but there are tons of games on Tabs to play together and lots of drawings of mummy, daddy and D2 to watch and approve. How often do I hear..’muuuuuum, you are not watching / listening’…followed by…”give me a few minutes, please”…

  • My son-in-law just sent my a little video of him sledding with the grand-girls. No, no snowmen today, but I stopped every time a student wanted to talk. They won’t wait, the dishes and the computer and so on will. Thanks for the sweet reminder-love the pictures, too! You all look so happy!

  • Jaana

    My mother always said that the dishes will wait (like where would they go without me?), but children can’t. My mother would have liked you! Sorry, I did not build a snowman today, but will most likely shovel tomorrow (again).

  • djts

    My first thought was peas and sardines? Very healthy, but man! Breakfast? I guess my grandfather would have done that in Newfoundland.
    I think I remember being less of a wait a minute mother, and often had gigantic messes waiting for me when I got finished playing. The house is always second. Always. (Even the times when I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be now that the kids are grown!)

  • Mariaselke

    I love it! I know I’m often guilty of that same “wait a minute” mentality… and we have those little ones for such a short span of time.

    • Hello Maria,
      Children do grow up don’t they? I keep forgetting. My oldest is 18 and it seems like yesterday that I had to sit with her until she fell asleep.

  • Tara

    That’s an awesome looking snowman, and everything else can just jolly well wait! So worth the joy you and your daughter had to have the other stuff just put to the side. PS. Are we ever really done with laundry and dishes?!

    • Hello Tara,
      We had fun making the snowman and sledding down the hill in our backyard. Every day I think I am done with the dishes and laundry, and then someone decides to eat and change their clothes. (smile)

  • Berdeane Bodley

    SNOW, what memories of my childhood, I was the youngest of 3, the other 2 being my brothers, so much more snow when I was little, then the wind would blow & make huge drifts, then the wind would make sort of a ledge way beyond the drift, my brothers would say, “Berdeane, run out on that snow”, I would & as there was no snow under the ledge it would cave in covering me with mounds of snow, my brothers would frantically be up there digging me out, good I made it through life to be able to raise 2 fantastic children who I spent many hours with making snowmen in the winter & snow angels too, remember those Pamela??

  • Dana Murphy

    “I wanted to stop saying just a minute” <<< —— I've been working hard at this. It's difficult for me and takes a concentrated effort. It's always worth it in the end, I find. I'm glad you found time for a snowman. He looks as happy, too.

    • Hello Dana,
      It is hard to stop isn’t it. The desire to have a perfectly clean house can get in the way of really living. I would rather have dirty dishes on the counter and a fort in the living room. But sometimes I forget that children grow older and one day there will be no one tugging at my leg. The house will be clean and very quiet.

  • Michelle Salerno

    I’m proud of you. I didn’t do that today. But we’re doing it tomorrow!

    • Hello Michelle,
      Well, thank you. I actually like to play in the snow. Show me your snowman tomorrow please.

  • No, I did not make a snowman today. That would mean I would touch the snow. It was enough that I walked in the snow to get to my car. I am glad that you got to make a snowman with your daughter. Your snowman was cute.

    • Hello Anne,
      I didn’t actually touch the snow because I had mitts on. And I wouldn’t have gone outside without my snow pants. So I was as warm as if I was inside the house. I really don’t like to be cold.
      But, I do like to have fun.

  • kathunsworth

    Oh I wish we could do that, what a great snowman and a beautiful shot of you and your daughter. We do tend to say “In a minute.” Sometimes its necessary and some times we need to just do the kid thang. Loved your day, it will stay in your heart Pamela.

    • Hello Kath,
      No snow where you are? What would be a “snow day,” for you? Some element of the weather that is special, where you leave the dishes and the laundry and go outside?
      I almost always say, “In a minute.” Today was different. I hope she will grow up knowing she was loved and valued. In my heart.

      • kathunsworth

        Pamela we go to the beach, the kids love it if I actually come in the water and brave the waves, I am a cold fish and don’t last long. They ride their boogie boards and I cheer them on. My sons dream is snow, yet it wont happen here, I will have to take him up Mount Kosciusko one day…..

  • Meredith Robbins

    Love your snowman! We had snow spa’s, six against 1 snowball fights, and a fantastic sled hill in the front yard complete with built in banks and turns. Waiting for the snow on Wednesday so we can have some more fun. Now to get the laundry and dishes done.

    • The good thing about the snow is you get to play in it. The bad thing about the snow is it would take me hours to drive to your house to have a snowball fight with you.
      Yes, time for dishes and laundry.

  • La McCoy

    Love it!