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I knew I wanted to marry him after 18 days because …?

I wanted to marry him after 18 days

I found a drawing I made of my husband on February 12th, 1990. It was in a box of papers in the basement. I drew it twenty-four years ago. The dots on his forehead are the marks his hat made when he took it off. We had been skiing. He was sitting in front of me when I drew his picture. He saw the hearts as I drew them. 

We  met on January 26th, 1990, 18 days before, at The Officers Club at The Atsugi Naval Base in Japan.

I knew I wanted to marry him after 18 days because …

1. He made me laugh.
2. He was polite.
3. He laughed at my jokes.
4. He bought me a BLT.
5. He loved Jesus.
6. He was nice to his mother.
7. He listened when I talked.
8. He loved me.
9. He thought I was beautiful.
10. He was respectful.

My husband just walked into my office and I showed him what I was writing. 

“Nick, how did we know we wanted to marry each other after only 18 days?

“Maybe we were idiots.”

“Ha. Yes, maybe we were.”

” I wouldn’t do it any different if I had to do it over. Because I love you.”

“Me too.”

And he can still make me laugh.

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p.s. Here is the story of how we met. I almost never met him


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  • Berdeane Bodley

    Oh I love your stories too, I also love my valentine presents & now i just buy them for myself & pretend they are from “my Eddie”. Valentines day was your & Nicks 1st date wasn’t it. I still see that happy snap of the 2 of you on that date……..love you both !!

    • Hi Mom,
      Your Eddie loved you mom. And I love you too.
      Yes, Valentines Day was our first date. It was a happy day.

  • This is such a sweet post, Pamela! I just love how your sweet spirit shines through when you talk about your life. Thanks for sharing! Love that a BLT is one of your reasons, too! 😉

  • jane williams

    I agree with Kathy. I love your writing. It’s light, fresh, and delightfully wise – makes me smile, and care, every time.

    • Good Morning Jane,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I am smiling now too!
      All the best,

  • Kathy Storrie

    I like what & how you write.Simple everyday stuff we love to hear about and laugh. I always want to read more whether it’s your writing or Pooh’s. Wonder why?

    When I met my husband he was in a group of unmarried seminary men and my heart was pounding due to all the testosterone. He didn’t really stand out. My roommate asked later, “What do you think about Sandy Storrie?” I said, “Ahh, he’s not my type.” That tells you how terrible my first impressions are because Sandy & I have been happily married for 40 yrs. I didn’t tell my roommate that I didn’t like her when I first met her. We have been good friends for almost 50 yrs. Go figure!

    • Hello Kathy,
      Thank you for telling me you like to read my writing. Your encouragement does help. Maybe you like to read Pooh’s stories because he is so wise. I learn so much from him when I type his stories.

      I love that you have been happily married for 40 years but you thought he wasn’t your type when you first met. I would love to hear when you realized he was your type. “The Day Kathy realized she was in love with Sandy Storrie.” It could be a best seller.
      All the best.

      • Kathy Storrie

        Hi Pamela,
        You crack me up, girl! I love you! However, not a bad title for my 8th book.Too many ideas and too little time. I will never have writer’s block with Sandy Storrie around and now you. Sandy has all these cool book ideas, ahead of you, for me to write in my spare time,hahahaha I just pretend to write his ideas down in my “Books to Write Later” notepad under my chair.

  • kathunsworth

    Made me laugh Pamela, your husbands response! I love your list such a good list. Wishing you many more mad, happy moments together. Beautiful Post just in time for valentines day, although we don’t celebrate it…believing we should be in awe of each other every day lol

    • Hi Kath,
      He made me laugh too. Thank you for your kind wishes. It seemed like the years have zoomed by. I like your idea of being in awe of each other every day. I don’t like presents on valentines day. Just hugs every day.
      Wishing you mad, happy moments in your marriage too Kath.

      • kathunsworth

        Oh we have those Pamela xxx