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There are 10 things you need to never grow up.

I don't want to grow up.

Why grow up? I mean, really. Who wants to grow up?I will borrow a quote from the creator of Peter Pan, Mr. Barrie. J.M. Barrie  wants to climb trees as an adult.

If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree, I’ll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up! Not me!”
― J.M. Barrie

It snowed 18 inches in Pennsylvania today. The back of our yard is a hill. A nice steep hill.

If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to sled down a hill, I’ll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up! Not me!
―P. F. Hodges ( That’s me. Pamela Hodges.)

There are 10 things you need to never grow up.

1. Snow
2. A sled
3. One Boot
4. One Boot
5. Snow pants
6. A jacket
7. Mitts
8. A scarf
9. A hat
10 A hill

Apparently one of the skills that grown ups need is the ability to count. In the video I say there are ten things you need. I think I counted my boots as two things.

Maybe the list should be called 10 things you need to go sledding. Because really there is only one thing you need to never grow up.

You need to think young. 

Our life is what our thoughts make it.
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.
―Cindy Gerard, To the Limit

Do you want to grow up? Assuming that growing up means you can’t climb trees or go sledding. Please tell me in the comments. I would love to talk to you. And maybe you can help me with my counting.

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My name is Pamela Hodges. I am a writer and an artist. I write to encourage and to bring laughter. I paint cats, draw cartoons and write books for children and grown ups.

You are an artist. Yes, you are. Really.

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  • La McCoy

    New foot shots. We need a collection!

  • I have to say I felt like the childhood robbers came and took my childhood a long time ago but being with my grandchildren has given me glimpses of being a kid again. I have sat and played with them and remembered some of the times tucked away. Not a snow person. I ice skated maybe once. Sledding was not something I would have done. But I did make a snowman or two.

    When I think of warmer days that’s when the childhood memories emerge. Spud, tag, red rover, John Jacob, double dutch and double irish rope jumping, pogo stick, hula hoop, and a game I played on the wall with a ball called seven-up. Yep, still have those memories in there. Oh and let’s not forget four square. I also was one to put on my roller skates and go up and down the block. I loved the vibrations under those metal skates. Glad you had fun on a hill, Pamela. We need to have fun.

  • Mandy

    I’m with you, I love snow! Love Christmas too… maybe that’s why i’m still getting a nativity picture on comments, despite changing it!

    • Hello Mandy,
      I love snow too! We made a big snowman yesterday. The snow was perfect for snowballs and snowmen. Merry Christmas Mandy!

  • Pamela, I’m not keen on snow..sorry 🙁 But I do want to kick a pile of autumn leaves, slip down a slide, eat a chocolate covered lollipop (actually i do that already), wear PJs all day (yup, doing that too), make scent from rose petals, sing without embarrassment, write all day (working on that one) and sleep a lot (another one ticked off).
    Now that I have a grandchild I will be able to add a few more items to this list in time to come! Thank you for helping me unleash my inner child. 🙂 x

  • Kathy Storrie

    As I’ve gotten older I realize I’m just a kid stuck in an old body. In my thinking that is because my sledding days are over. I do look forward to hearing that trumpet sound when we shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye and the dead in Christ shall rise first and then those who remain.Our new body will be caught up with our mind.

    • Yes, our new body will be caught up with our mind.
      My body has to make sure there is a lot of snow so the landing at the bottom of the hill is not painful.

  • I would like to walk on a frozen lake. Well okay I guess actually slip around on a frozen lake. I always thought of it as fascinating but I have always lived in the South and the only time I’ve seen people out walking on an icey lake was a long time ago in Michigan. They were ice fishermen. I was excited but my husband was very practical at the time and said that the ice wasn’t thick enough. Now that we are older and much wiser, he would probably go with me out on that ice. Maybe some day we’ll get another chance. 🙂

    • Hello Anastacia,
      I hope one day you can walk on a frozen lake. Maybe there will be a hill there too and lots of snow. You can go sledding too.

  • Oh dear, I am very dull indeed. I never even got out of my jammies today. But I had a nice day.

    • Hello Kathleen,
      We have a big hill in the backyard so it was hard to resist. I didn’t have to drive anywhere to sled. Jammies all day sounds like a great way to never grow up. Happy your day was nice.