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5 steps to never burn a pan of green peas again

How not to burn a pan of green peas

This morning I couldn’t find my favorite pan to make peas. I used a different pan and  put a small amount of water in the bottom of the pan, then I put my frozen, organic green peas in it. Turned it on high, and stepped into the other room,”for just a minute” to check my e-mail.

“Mom, what is that smell?”

“Oh no, my peas!”

The water had burned away and the peas were dark green. The pan was steaming and smelt like… burnt green peas. I opened the oven door to put the pan in it so I wouldn’t have to smell burnt peas.

And what did I see in the oven?

Any ideas?

Did you guess the pan I couldn’t find? Yes, it was the pan I was trying to find this morning.

Now I have two pans of burnt peas in the oven.

I need a plan to never burn my peas again. And in the spirit of making lists with steps that are all over the internet, here is mine.

5 Steps to never burn a pan of green peas again

1. Admit you do not have the ability to have two thoughts in your head at the same time. Say this out loud, “I admit I can not remember I have anything on the stove if I do something else.”

2. Clarify what is important to you. Decide what is more important, reading your e-mail or eating peas that are not burnt. The only way to change your behaviour is to focus on what is important.

3. Determine what you will do and write it down. Type or hand-print a sign that says, “I will not leave the room while I am cooking peas.”

4. Call a friend to hold you accountable. “Hello Kathleen. I have a pot of peas cooking on the stove now. Will you please call me in five minutes to make sure I didn’t leave the room?”

5. Install an electric force field at the entrance to the kitchen. If you forget about your peas cooking on the stove and try to leave the kitchen you will get an electric shock.

Your peas are cooked. Now go and eat them. (p.s. Turn off the burner.)

“Are you still forgetting things?” “I don’t know, I can’t remember,” I said.”
― Stephen King, Duma Key

Have you ever burnt a pot of peas? How about a pot of oatmeal? Sausage? Please tell me in the comments. I would love to know how to not burn food.


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  • Gholamhossein

    a Question . where are you from ?

  • Gholamhossein

    hello Pamela

    I’m Gholamhossein . I live in Iran . i see your blog Random today .i like know your Tradition . tell me from You . what is you eat for Breakfast ?. i eat bread with some Cheese and Vegetable and two Walnut . but my wife eat bread with Butte and Jam and tea

    thank you . i learn a little English at 60 day . Apologize

    i want learn English to talk with you . if you are Happy

    i try to see your blog per day . and i put comments
    may God preserve you.

    • Hello to you and your wife.
      I live in The United States.

  • Jaana

    I am sure that I have burned something more than once. It’s been awhile. Maybe that is a sign that I don’t cook enough. I will need to investigate. I want a stove that adjust the cooking temperature automatically when its owner is suffering a memory lapse or a distraction gene has taken over her brain. Where could I buy one?

  • Tara

    I love the list – I need a list like this these days. I wish I could say that I am so forgetful because I have great things on my mind ( like a novel I am working on), but that is not the case. I have no excuse…other than that I can keep track of fewer and fewer things these days!

    • Good Morning Tara,
      I wonder if our brains can not keep track of too many things because we have too many things in it?
      Now to go and make green peas.

  • Jen Ferguson

    Ha. That stinks- literally. Do you eat peas for breakfast? I love peas, but I’ve never thought to try them for breakfast.

    I admit I can’t do two things at once either. It sounds like you’ve developed a fool proof system so you don’t burn your peas again.


    • Hello Jen,
      I like peas and sardines for breakfast. Today I will try my five steps to not burn my breakfast. We shall see how well I can follow instructions. (smile)

  • La McCoy

    Sigh. I thought about you when my coconut oil scorched. I made cauliflower soup. Won’t do that again. Now that is a smell. Cauliflower.

    • Oh my Laura, that must have been a strong smell. Maybe use a timer on a string like Kathy suggested in a previous comment here. As soon as I find mine I will try it.

  • not peas again!!!! you’re going to turn green. there are many other fun veggies to eat. come on Pamela, be daring, live a little. Try something new like aubergines or sweet potatoes or ordinary potatoes or broccoli…

    • Patricia,
      I ate green beans yesterday for breakfast in your honor. It was hard. Today I am back with peas. They are cute and round.

      • okay….you are forgiven. but come summer you plant veggies and eat fresh stuff everyday. frozen stuff is unhealthy.

  • Kathy Storrie

    Want unburnt green peas cooked in your favorite pot?
    Set & hang your timer around your neck with a knot!

    • Kathy,
      What a great idea. I have a timer with a string. Now, if only I can find it!

  • My husband calls me “Betty Burn” which is truly an exaggeration. I call him Mr. Hyperbole. I do burn, but the ratio of burn to cook is very low.

    • Dear Betty,
      Yes, this must be an exaggeration. It sounds like you have fun with Mr. Hyperbole.
      What did you make for dinner last night?

  • Rats, if only you had called me. I would definitely have called you back in five minutes. Do you want me to just call you every five minutes to check if there is something I need to remind you of?

    • Kathleen, you are so kind. I don’t need help remembering anything right now. But I will call you the next time I cook green peas.