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January first is not the only day to start something new. Today is a good day too.

Starting over, walking 365

At the start of this year I challenged you to walk every day in 2014. walk 365 in 2014. I made a printable  graphic with numbers from 1-365  and asked that you circle the day you walked.

Walk to the end of your driveway,
around the block,
or walk to the moon and back.
You decide how far.
The main goal is to walk.
Get fresh air in your lungs
get our of the house,
No rules.
Perfection is not the goal.
If you miss a day.
Don’t quit.
If you are tired or sick,
walk to the end of
your driveway and back.
Or walk to the bathroom
and get back in bed.
Walk 365 in 2014

I created a private Facebook group of women walkers. The group was created to hold each other accountable. My plan was that I would be perfect and through my brilliance I would inspire the other walkers to walk every day.

The first week in January I walked every day. Some days it was only to the mailbox, but I circled my numbers. I felt powerful and wise.

Then I missed a day, and another day, and another day. Then I couldn’t find my paper. I was embarrassed, and humbled. Then I quit walking.

In my news feed on the private  Facebook group, Walk 355 in 2014,  one of the woman, Lucie Winborn,   posted.

Day 55 and still slogging at it…if undisciplined me can do it, so can all of you! Accountability is the only thing that’s kept me from missing a day so far….
—Lucie Winborn

Lucie, who is a writer, Lucie Winborne Writes, has inspired me to start walking again. Yesterday I circled Number 1, and today I will circle Number 2. And I will keep going and I will not quit. Thank you Lucie. Thank you x 10 million.

If you have made mistakes, even serious ones, there is always another chance for you. What we call failure is not the falling down, but the staying down.
— Mary Pickford

January first is not the only day to start something new. Today is a good day too.

Did you quit? Would you like to start again? Please tell me in the comments. I encourage you to not give up. Mary Pickford is right. Failure is not getting back up. Failing is just failing. Even birds have to learn how to fly. 

Even birds have to learn how to fly.

Here is the PDF if you want to start walking today.
Walk365for 2014#2



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  • Nope, haven’t been walking, I admit it. I did walk on Saturday though.

    • Yes, the snow and cold can keep on inside. How was your walk on Saturday? Does Tink like the snow?
      Pooh doesn’t. He hasn’t wanted to go outside in weeks.

      • It was lovely, Tink saw a dog she likes. She had been playing with her bff Miley, a Springer Spaniel puppy all morning, so she ran out of steam pretty fast. Doesn’t Pooh miss catching mice?

  • Jaana

    I am not much for walking outside in the cold, but I have been faithfully going to the gym! Cardio and weight lifting! Prevailed today and finally found a parking spot (almost gave up and went home). Great encouragement to us all! Thanks Pamela!

    • Hello Jaana,
      Oh, the old parking spot problem. I don’t mind parking a little farther away, I just don’t like having to walk on ice. Cardio and weight lifting, my favorite. Make me look good but make me strong too.
      I don’t like walking in the cold either. Perhaps that is why snow pants were invented. Good job for not giving up Jaana!

  • Good for you for going back, you’ll be happy when spring comes & you’ll be so ready for longer! I walk somewhere every day, sometimes even four times around my school when it’s really bitter cold, before I drive home. You’re right, if you stop, just go the next day! Best to you, Pamela!

    • Hello Linda,
      What a great idea to walk around the school. No ice to slip on and you are safe inside from cars.
      Yes, just wake up and try again.
      Best to you too Linda!

  • Tara

    Well, it’s winter yet…plenty of time to get out and really walk, right?! I have to walk my dog three times a day, so there’s always that type of walking. But I do miss the long, leisurely warm weather walks, Pamela. To me, THAT is walking.

    • Hello Tara,
      Yes, the long leisurely walks are really walking. I’ll bet your dog would agree with you. Once the snow and ice are gone than I will walk outside. Now I walk in circles around the track in the gym, or swim laps in the heated pool.

  • Elsie

    Life happens, but then you get back to the program. It’s all good (at least that’s what Pete the Cat tells us.) Good for you getting back on the road, path, driveway, or whatever.

    • Hello Elsie,
      Peter the cat is very wise.
      Yes, it is all good. I don’t want to quit. Maybe I will ride my bike after the snow melts.

  • Nancy Hatcher

    I’m glad that you decided again that this would be a terrific goal and that you are marking the days off. Pretty soon you will never want to stop. Maybe I can start in June when school stops. I much rather walk than elliptical. xo

    • Hello Nancy,
      I have marked off three days now. Thankfully I only have to live one day at a time. Walking is fun, and the dog likes it too.
      xo back to you. (smile)